Mindsay Conversational AI Platform

A conversational AI platform built for business

Our conversational AI platform gives business users the power to create, monitor, and improve their processes with minimum help from IT.

A complete suite
for business teams

Our conversational AI platform lets business teams streamline their processes with bots and voice assistants. Whether you’re a Customer Service Manager or Communications Director, you’ll be able to create an intelligent virtual assistant without technical skills.

Mindsay’s Conversational Platform Capabilities

Easy-to-read dashboards

Track your key metrics to improve your bot.
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Automation without code

Build chatbots without knowing how to code. 
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Connected with your tools

Connect your bot with your business platforms.
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Rich, dynamic responses

Add images and other dynamic content.
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Automate your processes without developers

You don’t need to be a developer to use artificial intelligence to improve your processes. With Mindsay, you can build a customized chatbot that will streamline your processes without code. Creating smooth conversational experiences has never been so simple.

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Connect your processes

Connect your disjointed customer service processes on a low-code platform. Link your existing tools and create workflows to automate your most labor-intensive customer-facing processes.

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Set business rules

Optimize without a data scientist

To provide great customer service, your processes need to be frictionless. Get a complete overview of your bot’s key metrics with our easy-to-read dashboards. Review conversations, track your KPIs, and discover where your bot or processes can be improved.

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Easy-to-follow dashboards

Monitor the metrics that matter to you and your team. Our robust dashboards allow you to filter, analyze, and sort all of the important stats so you have a complete picture of how your customer service processes are performing.

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Monitor your bot’s conversations

Connect in a few clicks

You don’t have time to find workarounds to connect to your business systems. Mindsay’s conversational AI platform makes integrating your tools easy. After teaming up with your business platforms, your bot will help you supercharge your customer service processes.

Leverage your proprietary tools

Connect your bot to your customer support, inventory management, or proprietary business platforms so it can provide customers with responsive, personalized customer service. With Mindsay, it’s as easy as plugging in your APIs on the platform.
Platform Icons including Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and GenesysConnecting Platforms Including Custom Tools, Salesforce, Zendesk, Genesys, and Intercom

Get more out of your platforms

Most businesses have the right tools, they’re just not getting enough from them. By connecting your platforms you can connect your processes. With all your platforms working together, you can build more agile, effective customer service processes.

Respond with more than words

Customers expect bots to have the same capabilities as their favorite messaging apps. Create engaging customer experiences by adding images, sliders, GIFs, dynamic content, deep links, and more.

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Set up personalized responses

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to customer service. Enhance your support process by adding personalized information. With Mindsay, you’re able to quickly create, update, or remove your bot’s responses on our user-friendly chatbot platform.

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Add images, GIFs, and more

Get the power to improve your processes

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