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Conversational AI

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Mindsay’s cutting-edge conversational AI technology lets our bots improve after each conversation to streamline your customer service process.

The right technology
makes a big difference

To provide excellent user experiences and actually improve processes, bots need the right technology to help them understand, respond, and learn. We’ve developed powerful deep learning and machine learning algorithms that let our chatbots provide helpful automated customer support.

Natural language

Understand and resolve customers’ requests.
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Get algorithms that are trained for your use cases.
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Track your key metrics to improve your bot.
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Let your bot identify and learn from mistakes.
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Get an edge with proprietary technology

Our natural language processing (NLP) technology has been built by our team of AI experts using state-of-the-art open-source algorithms. We adapt and train these algorithms to specifically address customers’ needs, allowing our bots to make a difference from day 1.

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Trained for your use cases

Mindsay chatbots are made especially for your industry’s use cases. By training our algorithms using common industry-specific scenarios, our bots are prepared to handle your use cases in days instead of months.

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Constantly updated

NLP that understands what users want

To provide great conversational experiences, a bot needs to understand what’s being asked. Our NLP technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze and contextualize each message so your bot can resolve and route requests to provide excellent customer experiences.

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Find the intent

Mindsay bots analyze each message and classify its content to gain an understanding of the intent of the question. They then use that information to make sure that they’re giving the user the correct answer.

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Spot the important elements

Better processes from insightful analytics

If you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Our conversational AI process automation platform lets you monitor your bot’s metrics on easy-to-read dashboards. With actionable analytics in hand, you can improve your bot and decide which processes it should handle next.

Analyze performance

Our dashboards let you drill down. See how many conversations users are having with your bot, if they’re using quick replies or messages, and how many of them your bot is resolving or routing correctly.
Identify Conversations That Went PoorlyChatbot Analytics Dashboard

Identify improvements

Understand the most popular types of requests, whether customers are using social media platforms, like Facebook Messenger, or voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, and learn which languages they’re using. With analytics in-hand, you’ll uncover what can be improved.

Let your bot learn

After each conversation, our conversational AI technology automatically uses a number of different signals to rate the quality of a bot’s answers. By identifying the good and the bad, your bot can learn from its mistakes to continuously improve its responses and reactions.

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Automated quality control

Our bots automatically determine the quality of each conversation with state-of-the-art natural language processing technology. For those who prefer to be more hands-on, you can also manually evaluate your bot’s performance by reviewing customer-facing conversations.

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Learn from mistakes

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