State-of-the-art conversational AI technology

Get a truly intelligent AI that uses reinforcement learning to teach itself how to better resolve your customers’ requests.

True conversational automation

Understand what users want

Our natural language processing (NLP) technology uses advanced algorithms to understand the information in a message, contextualize it, and provide the right answer.

Content classification

Our bots analyze messages to see if they can classify the content and provide the right answer.

Named entity recognition

Mindsay chatbots detect key elements in messages, like city names or departure dates, and use them to provide personalized answers to each user.

smart bot

A truly intelligent bot teaches itself

After every conversation, the bot automatically rates the quality of its answers using 40 passive signals. This process allows the bot to learn and improve after every conversation.


Mindsay bots can automatically learn from their mistakes by continuously evaluating their performance during conversations with users.

Conversational assessment

Automatically determine the quality of each conversation with state-of-the-art natural language processing methods.

Valuable insights

Track your bot’s performance metrics across all of its customer-facing conversations.

smart bot

Measure the
bot’s performance

Every conversation receives a rate based on 40 passive signals that continuously analyse if the bot is giving the correct answer to the end user, allowing to enable self-learning.


Automatically determine the quality of every conversation using state-of-the-art natural language processing methods.

Valuable insights

Get a high-quality metric of your bot performance across its various abilities through all messages.

Self learning

Enable your bot to self-learn from its mistakes through unsupervised and continuous evaluation from the conversations it has with its users.

Insightful analytics that help improve your bot

Speed up your bot’s learning process with actionable analytics. We use all your available data to:

Analyze performance

Monitor the number of conversations and messages by day, week, and month to discover the most frequently asked questions and issues.

Identify improvements

By examining your bot’s analytics, our team will advise you on which improvements you should make to your bot.

strong analytics

Get Mindsay’s technology working for you