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Customer Service Automation

Build better support processes with customer service automation

Helping is the new selling. Offer fast, personalized service on your customers’ favorite platforms.

Improve your
customer service

Cut down your response times and provide better customer service experiences with AI-powered process automation. Mindsay bots work to resolve and route customer requests so customers get the help they need. By making customer self-service feel like full-service, you can implement an automated system and improve customer satisfaction.


Respond with images, maps, videos, and more.
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Improve support

Create more efficient support processes.
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Fluent in 110 languages

Speak to your customers in their language.
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Handover to a human

Let your agents handle the complex requests.
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Build better customer support processes

Any bot can answer questions found in your FAQ, but a useful bot streamlines your customer service processes. Our solution automates your support processes by resolving simple questions while pre-qualifying and routing complex issues so your call center can quickly handle the most important phone calls and live chats.

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Simplify complex processes

Our conversational AI process automation platform allows you to connect your bot to your business platforms, giving you the power to create smoother, faster customer service processes for customers with urgent or complicated issues.

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Automate the easy

Dynamic content on
any channel

Mindsay bots aren’t limited to words. Your bot can respond using images, buttons, sliders, videos, and maps to provide real-time answers to your customers’ questions on websites, apps, social media, and voice and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Assistant.

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Add content without code

Let your bot express itself. Add, remove, or modify all types of content from a user-friendly interface. Mindsay’s customer service automation platform makes customizing your bot’s responses easy and intuitive.

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Import your content from anywhere

Speak your customers’ language

Your support team may not be able to speak 110 languages, but our bots can. Our artificial intelligence and NLP models focus on understanding characters instead of languages. That means that you can train your bot to provide personalized service in almost any language.

Automatic translation

We can prep your bot to speak languages that you don’t. We automatically translate our training data into the languages you want your chatbot to speak. With a crash language course under its belt, your bot is ready to help from day 1.
Humans Translating Spanish and RussianChatbot Automatic Translation

Human verification

Languages are complicated. To make sure that nothing gets lost in translation, content can be verified by native speakers so you can be confident that your bot is saying what it’s supposed to.

Seamlessly loop in a human agent

Customers expect to have the option to talk to a human. Our platform lets your customer service agents easily jump into conversations. We integrate with Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and Genesys so your agents can keep using the tools that they’re familiar with.

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Set handover rules

Don’t make customers ask for an agent. Our platform allows you to create rules that proactively determine when a conversation needs to be transferred to a human agent, helping you avoid unnecessarily frustrating customers.

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Use the support tools you know

Better processes means better service

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