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Conversational MArketing

Boost sales with conversational marketing

Convert more customers with always-on a conversational marketing solution.

sales automation

Our conversational AI solution will streamline your sales processes. Eliminate pain points, qualify leads, and create targeted promotions that help turn website visitors into customers. With a bot-powered conversational marketing strategy, your sales processes will be smarter and more efficient.

More effective sales channels

Guide customers through the buying process.
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Create efficient sales processes

Take the pain out of your sales processes.
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Connected and customizable

Customize to address your sales challenges.
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Conversational landing pages

Create next-generation landing pages.
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Create efficient sales processes

Remove friction from the sales process. When customers need that last push to make a purchase, customer support or sales reps can’t always be there. With Mindsay, you have a sales team standing by to answer customers’ questions, put purchase anxieties to rest, and deliver relevant content and promotions.

Simplify the purchase process

Even a small mishap can a customer from buying. Our solution helps address these issues by making your sales process as smooth as butter. Use marketing automation to capture leads, promote products, and answer qualifying questions to simplify the customer journey.

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Sell the right upgrades

Improve your sales effectiveness

We use artificial intelligence to simplify the sales cycle. Our bot solution can answer questions from potential customers, capture leads, and suggest relevant products and offers to supercharge your sales process.

Increase conversion rates

Encourage users to convert with instant sales support throughout the purchase process. By offering discounts, adding lead capture forms, and suggesting related products, you can see a substantial jump in sales conversion rates in a matter of months.

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Reduce churn rates

Be a conversational marketing leader

Keep pace with customer preferences and change the way you sell. Our solution allows you to create conversational landing pages that combine three of the most popular communication channels: websites, messaging apps, and voice.

Conversational Landing Page

Offer an intuitive interface

Make your purchase process simple. Our conversational landing pages provide your customers with an intuitive customer experience that makes it for them to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Works with your site

Creating a conversational landing page is easier than you think. Mindsay’s user-friendly technology lets you turn your website into an immersive conversational experience with only a single line of code.

Connect and customize

Mindsay’s platform provides you with the flexibility to customize our solution to reach your company’s goals. Our solution is designed to work with your business platforms to help your sales processes run smoothly.

Bring your systems together

Work with the business platforms you already have. Connect to your CRM, inventory management, RMA, or other business systems without intensive coding. Proprietary or not, connecting our bots is as easy as plugging in your APIs on our platform.

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Customize reactions

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