Conversational IVR for Customer Service

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Automate the right things. Discover how Mindsay’s approach lets you automate the important, impactful processes.

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Provide a better contact center experience

Bring artificial intelligence into your call center and see the benefits. Mindsay’s conversational IVR system resolves issues and routes calls to decrease wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

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Reduce wait times

Automate to ensure your call center is quick and responsive.

Deflect calls

Automatically answer simple questions to reduce call volumes.

Cut handling times

Qualify customers so your agents can solve their requests faster.

Create a user-friendly IVR system

Provide user-friendly customer service by letting customers navigate through your traditional IVR system with their voice. Mindsay’s interactive voice response system offers human-like interactions by answering complete questions and making self-service simple, unlike unwieldy menus and inflexible automated speech recognition phrases.  

Automated IVR lets you instantly resolve issues 24 hours a day. With Mindsay’s extensive integrations, our IVR can recognize customers and their preferences to offer personalized customer experiences. This allows customers to solve multiple issues, like changing a shipping address and updating account information, at the same time.

Mindsay connected to Salesforce, Genesys, Zendesk, and other platforms

Combine the power of agents and bots

Join our conversational IVR together with live agents to provide better service while reducing operational costs. Mindsay’s IVR enables customers to solve their issues themselves while also providing an automated system for call routing, allowing customers to be seamlessly transferred to an agent.

Conversational IVR pre-qualifies customers and shares all the relevant information with your customer service tools, including Zendesk, Salesforce, and Genesys. This lets your agent have the information they need to quickly solve the issue. Since agents are no longer tasked with resolving repetitive requests, productivity and job satisfaction increase.

Easy to manage, easy to deploy

Conversational IVR logic flow

With Mindsay’s easy-to-use platform, creating and managing your IVR has never been simpler. Our platform allows business users to update dialogues, create new use cases, and manage connected platforms, helping you stay reactive to the needs of your customers.

With an array of API connections, Mindsay can be easily deployed and integrated with your existing IVR system and customer service platforms. Our partner, Allo-Media, already has integrations with Genesys, Telefonica, Orange, and more.

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Mindsay partners with Allo-media

Mindsay has partnered with Allo-Media to create an IVR that provides service experiences that exceed customers’ expectations. Allo-Media provides speech recognition technology while Mindsay’s natural language processing platform takes care of the automation.

Automate your call center

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