Better service with a smaller customer support team isn’t a fantasy

Provide instanteous, automated customer service to significantly reduce the number of customer support requests.

better customer experience

Solve issues before they reach your customer service team

Mindsay’s intelligent, self-learning chatbots are able to easily answer customer questions about:


Membership cards and loyalty programs


New promotions and offers


Tickets and fares


Baggage and other travel restrictions


Any frequently asked questions


Number of Zendesk tickets

« We have divided by two the number of ticket requests our customer support team receives on Zendesk»

Christine Daugeron

Mobile App Director 

Automate time-consuming customer refunds

Has a train been delayed or cancelled? Our chatbots can automatically initiate the refund process so your customer service team doesn’t get overwhelmed with calls and emails.

sell more ancillaries

Bring new services to market quickly and cost-effectively

Differentiate yourself with excellent services. Our chabots are able to provide your passengers with real-time information about:


Train schedules


Upcoming departures


Other schedule updates

Better service at scale with Mindsay