A conversational AI platform for business teams

Our conversational AI platform gives business users the power to create, monitor, and improve bots without help from IT.

AI chatbot platform

A complete suite of tools for business teams

Create a bot without your IT team

Creating a bot has never been so simple. Decide which questions it should answer and the ones it should forward to a human on our user-friendly platform.

Set limits

Choose which questions or issues you want your bot to answer and outline the information it will need from users.

Dynamic bot reactions

Prepare a set of dynamic reactions that the bot can use during a conversation.

Use dynamic content to give better answers

Plain text doesn’t cut it anymore. Create an engaging user experience with images, sliders, GIFs, dynamically-generated content, and more.

Customizable answers

Use the platform to quickly create, modify, or delete your bot’s answers.

Add images, GIFs, and more

Upload your images and add dynamic content so your bot can give customers the answer they’re looking for.

add content
powerful analytics

Analysis that doesn’t require a data scientist

Review conversations and follow your KPIs to understand how users interact with your bot so you know where improvements can be made.

Easy-to-follow dashboards

Monitor key KPIs that matter to you and your team. We provide the right metrics to help you understand how your bot is performing.

Conversation monitoring

Filter conversations by date, content, or rating to flag unsatisfactory responses and correct them.

Make use of all your business data

Connect your chatbot to your business systems so it can provide your customers with real-time information.

Connect to your existing tools

Connect to your bot to your customer support, booking, or other business systems without any code. It’s as easy as plugging in your APIs on the platform.

All of your data is accessible

Add data from systems without APIs to an in-platform knowledge base so your bot can use it during conversations.

Be where your users are

Deploy your bot on a website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Home, Alexa, and more so you can be where your customers are.

ecosystem of integrations

Learn how your business team can build a bot