platform for Conversational Strategy

We’ve built tools used by business teams to create, monitor and improve bots that help you reach your goals.

AI chatbot platform
Unified Suite of tools for Business Teams

Build and manage
your use cases

Design the architecture of your bot by defining its behavior and the information that matters.

User intents

Define the scope of your bot by choosing what requests it will be able to answer and the required information needed from the user.

Bot actions

Prepare a set of dynamic actions in response to the customer questions based on the context of the conversation.

Customize the content your customers will see

Offer your customers a unique user experience based on rich content: text, images, sliders, GIF, dynamically generated images and much more.


Write, modify or delete any answer quickly and easily.


Upload your own images and add dynamic content to customize your answers.

add content
powerful analytics

Analyze and improve your bot easily

Browse your users’ conversations and review the metrics to know how your users interact with your bot.


Display all the KPIs that matter to you and your team. We provide specific metrics to understand how your bot works.


Filter conversations by date, content or quality, and flag or correct the bot answers that you find unsatisfying.

Connect your business to your customers

Connect your bot to your own APIs so it can provide the right information to your customers on multiple channels, whether it’s on their phone, computers or in a voice assistant.

Knowledge base

Store the data that are not accessible through API in a Knowledge Base to allow your bot to access it easily.

Data Connector

Connect your bot to as many APIs as you want and extract the right data to answer your customers’ requests.

User channels

Deploy your bot where your customers already are: on a website, a mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Home, Alexa and many more.

ecosystem of integrations

Scale your customer care

with Mindsay