How insurers can automate 7 customer service processes with chatbots

Learn how insurers can automate 7 high-value customer service processes.

What’s inside

  • How customer service automation can help
  • 5 reasons insurance companies should turn to customer service automation
  • 7 customer service processes insurance providers should automate with chatbots
  • Approaches to automating your processes

Insurers who provide excellent customer experiences post 30% higher profits than competitors who struggle with it. However, 71% of insurance customers aren't happy with their provider. Clearly, better customer service is the easiest way to increase satisfaction. Bots provide a cost-effective way to accomplish this.

This eBook will outline how insurance companies can benefit from customer service automation and then provide 7 impactful processes that chatbots should automate.

The eBook will also share some best practices on how to create, implement, and maintain a chatbot.

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