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Why Mindsay + Sabre?

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Incredible customer experiences

With the bot as the gatekeeper of customer service, you can provide 24/7 support while still offering a human touch.

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Operational efficiency and improved sales

Significantly reduce costs and drive more sales by automating common customer service and transactional use cases.

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Happier, more engaged agents

With fewer customer requests reaching your customer support team, they'll be able to provide higher quality customer service.

Fully connected to Sabre's APIs.

Mindsay's intelligent virtual agents are fully connected with Sabre's APIs, giving them the ability to resolve a variety of complex requests.

Canceling a booking through a bot with a Sabre integration
Changing flight with a bot

Reassure passengers.

Let your passengers know that they’re safe to book and can change or cancel flights at any time. With a Mindsay bot, you can automatically solve complex use cases involving vouchers and refunds.

Handle more requests with fewer agents.

Your customers need answers and it's unlikely you have the staff to manage the volume. Provide instant answers around cancelations, modifications, and vouchers with Mindsay’s customer service bots to improve loyalty and drive future bookings.

Automatically canceling a flight a bot
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“We partnered with Mindsay because of its seamless integration with Sabre and ability to quickly deliver a chatbot to assist our travelers.”

Pernille Vaupel, Director, Air and Online Sales

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