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the tools you already use

Mindsay integrates seamlessly with your favorite customer channels and apps
to build smarter conversational flows.

zendesk integration

Chatbox for Website

Reach each of your customers
directly through your website.

Widget for Mobile app

Add your bot to your mobile app seamlessly within a webview.

Customer channels


The most common channel for bots. Connect once and reach your customers anytime.


Connect with more than 1.5 billion active users in more than 180 countries.

Amazon Alexa

Start building smart voice assistants on our platform, then plug it in.

Google Assistant

Get your assistant in Google’s galaxy of products thanks to Google Actions.

Text Message

You can reach your customers at anytime with a simple phone number.


The most active network with more than 1 billion daily active users.


Connect your bot to Microsoft’s communication channel.


You can use slack as a user channel or a agent channel to take over a conversation.

Apps directory


Let your agents take over any conversation and handle tickets seamlessly within Zendesk.


Define when to generate a case in Salesforce or let an agent chat with the user.


Use your Intercom tools and automate conversations with your bot.


Qualify the user requests and create tickets with the right information through E-deal customer support tool.


Manage your conversations from iAdvize platform and let your agent take over conversations.


Agent handover for call centers. The user stays on the same webpage to get an agent over the phone.


Enrich your bot with a Typeform to pre-qualify requests to be handled later by agents.


Plug your bot to your favorite Social Management solution.


We use Flightstats to provide live information to your customers about their flight status in real time.

Google maps

Provide geolocation information and guide your customers thanks to Google’s APIs.


Musement is the leading experience provider to book activities in +450 countries.


A powerful way to connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger.


Create powerful use-cases connected to your travelers informations and real time data from Travelport.


One of the leading provider of solutions for the travel industry.


Enrich your bot with real time information coming from your GDS partner. 


Get current weather, daily forecast and up to 16 days forecast in any city.

Iata Codes

Official directory of IATA codes used by airlines and airports.


Citymapper is the most powerful tool to provide itineraries.

Uber API

A powerful way to connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger.

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Build whatever you need to, using your own APIs by triggering them through different calls and data groups systems all together.

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