An industry-specific chatbot is a powerful chatbot

Your industry has its own set of challenges. So, why settle for a generic chatbot? Our specialized bots are pre-trained to address your industry’s most valuable use cases so you can quickly produce a positive ROI.




Urban Mobility

Mass Transit




Ski Resorts

Theme Parks

Food & Retail


Let conversational AI
work for you

Bots that make an immediate impact

Our chatbots have analyzed 100,000s of conversations so they know how to address the most common customer questions.

Concentrate on the most impactful use cases

Our bots focus on automating 80% of the most popular requests, leaving only the most important and complex questions for your agents.

Proven use cases

Choose from a selection of common industry-specific use cases and watch your bot resolve customer requests from day one.

airline chatbot
booking flight bot

Maximize your ROI

Manage your support costs, upsell customers, and improve loyalty. Track your chatbot’s performance against your key KPIs to make sure it’s bringing value.

Optimize your customer support

Reduce support requests to your human agents by up to 80%. Track your bot’s performance with our automation rate analytics.

Increase revenue

Automatically upsell customers and follow your sales conversion rate in our ready-to-use analytics dashboard.

booking flight bot

Maximize ROI

Whether you want to optimize your customer support or increase your revenue, we track all KPIs. 

Optimize your customer support

Track the performance of the bot by comparing customer support by looking at the automation rate.

Increase your revenues

Follow your conversion rate to assess how much your virtual sales assistant is selling.

Set limits around how your bot learns

Allowing your chatbot to learn and experiment is important but so is providing a consistently excellent customer experience. That’s why we’ve created drag-and-drop tools that let you set limits on how your bot experiments with different answers.

Set limits

You can define how often the bot is allowed to experiment within different use cases.

Unobtrusive push messages

Push messaging can be a powerful tool. Create tests and analyze the results to find out how your organization can best use it.

hotel reservation bot

Discover how Mindsay chatbots can make an immediate impact