Their story

Voyage Privé is a members-only luxury travel club, offering unforgettable getaways, at unbelievable prices. Since its founding in France in 2004, Voyage Privé has expanded to over 44 million members worldwide, with offices in France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The Goal

Voyage Privé’s biggest challenge was to reduce unnecessary contact with their Customer Service Department. They also wanted to be able to give customers immediate answers to their questions and ensure contact with agents was of the highest quality.

The Solution

To accomplish this, Voyage Privé chose Mindsay’s customer service automation platform, as they were convinced Mindsay understood the problems of the travel industry and could best meet their needs.

Thanks to Mindsay, Voyage Privé now has a bot in seven languages able to serve their customers at any time. As Voyage Privé implemented the bot during the pandemic, the highest volume use cases are questions related to COVID, like booking status, travel requirements, and trip cancellation and modification policies. Voyage Privé is very happy that the chatbot can answer the high volume of customer requests related to these topics, as this volume would otherwise be a burden on their call center.

Voyage Privé loves that the non-technical members of their Customer Service team are able to build complex, connected use cases completely on their own.

“Mindsay makes us feel like NASA engineers. We love to say that we launch rockets when we launch new use cases.”

The Results

Thanks to their chatbot with Mindsay, Voyage Privé has been able to reduce the contact rate and agents are able to focus on the more complex use cases and deliver excellent customer service.


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Agents focused

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“You can trust Mindsay. Go with them because we’re super happy about the support and results we have.”
Nathalie Müller
Head of Quality & Digital Customer Service

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