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Improving agent efficiency with a chatbot

Their story

Transports publics de la région lausannoise (TL) is the operator of Lausanne, Switzerland’s public transport network. Providing transportation for 300,000 travelers every day, TL aims to ensure that commuters make it to their destinations safely and on time.

The Goal

When COVID hit in early 2020, TL saw a surge in customer requests. Travelers wanted to know about refund policies, how to cancel or suspend their transport pass subscriptions, and what measures TL was taking to mitigate the risks of commuting during the pandemic. TL needed a way to efficiently manage all of these requests without overwhelming their call center, which was saturated with customer demands.

The Solution

TL began their automation journey with Mindsay in March 2020 with a free COVID customer support bot that included use cases addressing travelers’ most frequently asked questions. Mindsay implemented TL’s COVID bot in less than a week so they could quickly reduce the strain on their call centers and provide better service to their customers.

“I especially appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of Mindsay's teams. Mindsay is always pushing us to ensure our bot evolves and delivers the best experience for our customers.”

After seeing the impact of the COVID bot, TL’s marketing and customer support team understood that they needed to not only keep the bot but expand its capabilities. Today, TL’s bot handles an array of use cases including instantly answering customers’ frequently asked questions, helping travelers find the best fares, advising on fares and transit subscriptions, managing complaints, and locating lost items.

TL’s support agents have been very involved in creating the chatbot’s use cases and processes. They’ll soon be able to access the Mindsay platform to update and modify use cases based on customer feedback.


The Results

TL’s bot allows them to reduce the number of customer requests making it through to their call center. The bot has also helped TL improve the efficiency of their support team while also allowing agents to provide higher quality service to customers.

TL’s team loves how easy it is to manage and update their bot on Mindsay’s user-friendly platform. Non-technical team members at TL are constantly working on the bot, easily creating new use cases and updating bot answers.

TL’s agents also see the benefits brought by the bot. The customer support agents attest to the quality of the bot’s responses and its ability to resolve requests autonomously, allowing them to concentrate on more value-added tasks.

Beyond Mindsay’s chatbot technology, TL appreciates the responsiveness of the Mindsay team and the high-quality support. Mindsay is always pushing TL to expand the scope of their chatbot to help them better serve their customers and continue to improve the efficiency and quality of their support.

  • Less than 1 week to launch
  • 20% reduction in transactional customer requests reaching the call center
  • 24/7 customer service
Key Stats


drop in transactional customer requests


week to launch


customer service

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