Their story

TGV Lyria is a French-Swiss rail company that offers a range of rail services between the two countries. Operating under the Lyria brand since 2002, TGV Lyria connects travelers from around Europe with destinations within France and Switzerland.

TGV Lyria operates routes from Paris to the Swiss cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, and Zurich. Transporting nearly 5 million travelers each year, TGV Lyria prides itself on providing each customer with an unparalleled travel experience.

The Goal

Operating well over a dozen international round trips every day, TGV Lyria faces a range of customer service challenges. The diversity of their travelers provides an extra layer of complexity, requiring TGV Lyria to offer support in multiple languages.

TGV Lyria wanted to find a way to improve their customers’ experiences by ensuring that their questions or issues were addressed and resolved quickly. However, TGV Lyria wanted to make these improvements without expanding their existing customer service team. This pushed them to explore innovative automated solutions, like chatbots.

The Solution

After some internal discussions, TGV Lyria decided that a chatbot was the right solution for their needs. Their search for a chatbot solution led them to Mindsay, who they brought on as their provider.

The Mindsay chatbot works to support TGV Lyria’s customer service team by deflecting and routing customer requests. Mindsay’s robust analytics allow team members to easily identify well-performing use cases and areas for improvement.

“Mindsay has allowed us to improve our customers’ journeys by helping them quickly find answers when they don't have time to search the entire website.”

With Mindsay’s user-friendly platform, TGV Lyria’s customer service team can modify underperforming use cases themselves, updating answer content to better address their customers’ questions. As a result, the bot can automatically resolve the most common questions, allowing TGV Lyria to deflect a significant volume of requests.

The chatbot has been especially helpful during the COVID-19 crisis. The bot resolves many common COVID-19 travel requests. In cases when a traveler has a complex issue that requires the help of an agent, the bot can qualify the request and connect them directly with someone from the customer service team.

TGV Lyria has also taken advantage of what we call at Mindsay the “one-door strategy”: having a full-page bot as the gatekeeper to their customer service agents. The “one-door strategy” is the best way to manage and prioritize customer requests, as the full-page bot provides a single point of entry to their customer service team, qualifying all requests before they get to an agent. This leads to much fewer requests that make it through to agents and a significant drop in handling time for requests that do make it through, a win-win for customers and agents.


The Results

The chatbot has become an important tool for the TGV Lyria customer service team. The Mindsay bot deflects a significant portion of simple requests away from the support team while still providing a level of responsive, personalized service that keeps customer satisfaction high.

No longer having to manage as many simple requests, TGV Lyria’s customer service team can focus on more complex issues. Not only has this instilled an appreciation for the bot within the team, but it will also increase their service capacity and reduce request handling times.

In the end, the Mindsay bot has been a win-win for TGV Lyria. Not only do customers get the information they need quickly, but TGV Lyria also has been able to increase their service capacity and reduce their handling times without scaling their customer service team.

  • Decrease in requests handled by the customer service team
  • Increase in service capacity
  • Reduction in request handling times
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“Despite offering an AI solution, Mindsay is a very human company. Their team is always there to support us and their platform is extremely reliable and user-friendly.”
Fanny Blandenet
Transversal Project Manager

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