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Improving customer experience and call center efficiency with a chatbot

Their story

Iberia Express is a Spanish low-cost airline, operating short- and medium-haul routes within the long-distance network of its parent company, Iberia Group. Headquartered in Madrid, Iberia Express flies to more than 30 destinations nationally and internationally.

The airline’s value proposition combines the virtues of low-cost companies – competitive prices, routes - with the benefits of traditional companies – connections, additional services, customer loyalty club. Iberia Express is one of the few low-cost airlines in the world to offer a business service on all its planes.

The Goal

Iberia Express had tried a chatbot in the past and was very disappointed. The chatbot didn’t understand customers well and maintaining the bot was quite painful. However, when they saw the success that their parent company, Iberia, had with Mindsay’s chatbot, they were ready to try again.

Convinced by the power of Iberia’s bot serving customers on the web, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, Iberia Express knew Mindsay could help them reduce the huge number of calls they received in their call center and generally provide great customer experience. A few calls with Mindsay’s team sealed the deal - Iberia Express was impressed by Mindsay’s product and found the team to be extremely kind and committed to their success.

The Solution

Iberia Express began working with Mindsay during the COVID pandemic. Mindsay understood that this was a crucial time for Iberia Express to better serve and reassure their customers, so the team launched a fully functioning bot in just one month.

Mindsay worked together with Iberia Express’s Customer Experience and Marketing teams to build a bot capable of answering frequently asked questions about travel during COVID, Claims and Refunds, Booking, Check-in, Luggage, and more. Thanks to the bot, customers get answers to their most pressing questions immediately.

The bot has been particularly helpful during the COVID pandemic. With travel policies and regulations constantly changing, Iberia Express’s business teams are able to quickly and easily update the bot in real-time without any technical assistance, ensuring customers get accurate answers, fast.

“We want to be there to help our customers at any time, and the bot helps us do that. The bot is now automatically handling a lot of customer requests, so customer gets immediate answers and no longer need to wait for an agent.”

The Results

Thanks to their Mindsay chatbot, Iberia Express has been able to significantly decrease the number of calls that get to their agents. This not only allows customers to get the information they need exactly when they need it, but it also allows the agents to focus more on high-value-added customer interactions. Iberia Express’s agents love that the bot is able to handle and deflect these repetitive, basic questions so that they can focus on more complex interactions.

Iberia Express loves that their Customer Experience and Marketing teams are able to manage the bot autonomously. Everyone is able to analyze the conversations and improve the bot on their own - a game-changer for productivity and better customer service.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Deflect calls from the call center

What’s next?
Iberia Express is working hard to improve their bot in order to ensure the best service for their customers, training the NLP and improving the bot content on an ongoing basis. They are also starting to use the bot on social networks to reduce the number of queries handled by their customer care center as well as improving purchase processes by addressing customer issues in the booking flow.


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“We’ve had amazing support from the Mindsay team. They are extremely fast in answering our requests and have been very committed throughout the project. If we want to try something new or different, they’re always there to help.”
Isabel Rodriguez
Head of Analytics, Digital Marketing & e-commerce

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