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Iberia Plane on Runway with Chatbot

Their story

Founded in 1927, Iberia is the Spanish flag carrier airline. Based in Madrid, Iberia flies to over 105 destinations in 39 countries and has access to a further 90 destinations through code-sharing agreements with other airlines.

Over 20 million passengers fly with Iberia every year. With so many travelers, keeping up with customer inquiries while maintaining a high level of service was becoming increasingly challenging.

The Goal

Airline passengers have high expectations for airlines’ customer service departments. Be it lost baggage, missed flight connections, or check-in questions, travelers expect an instant response and an instant solution. To meet this expectation, airlines need to have support options available to resolve issues 24/7.

Iberia was looking to find a way of bringing personalized services to meet its travelers’ rising service expectations while also ensuring its customer support agents had the bandwidth to properly resolve complex issues. However, Iberia noticed that their support agents were spending a significant amount of time dealing with simple, repetitive requests instead of focusing on the most complicated inquiries.

Naturally, Iberia wanted to find a way to reduce the volume of basic requests that their customer support teams were handling. Overall, their goals included:

  • Reduce the volume of support calls
  • Provide new, responsive services
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

The Solution

Iberia explored several different solutions, but they were intrigued by AI-powered chatbots. After reviewing some potential providers, Iberia decided to join forces with Mindsay to build a smart chatbot.

We worked with Iberia to create a chatbot that is connected with many of their business platforms. These integrations have allowed Iberia’s chatbot to help passengers with all kinds of support requests.

"Conversational AI will reduce the low-value calls that we get in our call centers."

The bot can provide ticket information, luggage dimensions, check-in help, payment details, destination guides, weather updates, and answers to frequently asked questions to resolve inquiries before they make it to a support agent.

Iberia’s chatbot doesn’t only answer questions, it also acts as a sales and service channel. The bot can issue boarding passes, check-in passengers, sell ancillary services, and solve ticket inquiries without a human agent.


The Results

Within just 6 months of being launched, Iberia’s chatbot can find flights and flight information with the help of Mindsay’s integration with Flightstats. This has helped to resolve one of the most common customer requests that agents were dealing with.

The bot has also been connected with Iberia’s proprietary business platforms to address an even wider range of customer inquiries. By sharing destination guides, determining baggage allowances, answering questions about trips, and providing destination suggestions, the chatbot has been able to solve many requests that would have otherwise been handled by a human agent.

Key Stats

passengers per year

messages handled

of conversations led to a check-in

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“We were looking for an excellent team and an excellent technology that we could develop jointly to create the best conversational AI in our industry.”
Gabriel Perdiguero
Chief Transformation Officer

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