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Reducing claims by 22% at IAG Loyalty

Their story

IAG Loyalty is the loyalty program of the IAG Group and its airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and Level. With over 30 years of expertise, IAG Loyalty manages a range of products and services including the Avios currency and eStore where customers can collect Avios when shopping online.

IAG Loyalty has 9 million active customers who spend £40 billion collecting Avios from 250 brand partners every year. On average, IAG Loyalty customers collect 220,000 Avios every minute.

The Goal

The IAG Loyalty eStore is the gateway to collecting Avios online with over three thousand local and international brands across six countries. IAG Loyalty works with partners and affiliates to provide their customers with a wide range of retailers where they can collect Avios.

The IAG Loyalty team deals with a large volume of transactions and, subsequently, a large volume of customer requests. To help them manage this volume, IAG Loyalty wanted to reduce the number of common queries about missing transactions, Avios discrepancies, delays, and missing Avios that were coming into their customer support team.

While answers to these questions were available in FAQs, IAG Loyalty wanted to help solve customers’ questions as quickly and painlessly as possible. This led them to investigate solutions that could help them automate simple claims while ensuring a better experience by providing personalized data to help the customer identify and solve their problem.

The Solution

This search for automated solutions led IAG Loyalty to chatbots. After speaking with several vendors, IAG Loyalty decided to go with Mindsay. They were impressed by the flexibility of the bot, ease of integration with their existing systems, and the user-friendly platform that allowed them to make changes themselves.

“What impressed me about Mindsay is its flexibility and web-based platform. If I spot something that needs to be updated, I can go in and make changes myself quite quickly.”

IAG Loyalty worked with Mindsay to address three of their most common customer requests: missing Avios, canceled transactions, and Avios discrepancies. Their bot uses several different APIs to find customer transactions and explain to the customer what has happened to their transaction. Furthermore, if a transaction is missing, the bot prompts the customer to provide all the information IAG Loyalty needs to open a claim with a partner or affiliate to add the transaction and provide the customer with their Avios.

Given that the vast majority of customers never encountered these problems, IAG Loyalty worked with Mindsay to ensure that the bot was only displayed to people who were encountering issues. This has also allowed IAG Loyalty to better deflect and funnel users into the right customer service processes.


The Results

Since implementing the Mindsay bot, IAG Loyalty has been able to reduce a significant volume of requests coming through to their customer service team. There has been a 17% decline in claims related to missing Avios, cancelations, and disputed transactions making it through to the customer service team.

This has helped IAG Loyalty’s support team better manage the volume of customer requests. With the bot automating a sizeable portion of requests, agents now have more capacity to manage day-to-day volumes and better deal with unanticipated spikes in customer questions.

Implementing Mindsay has also inspired IAG Loyalty to implement more low-code solutions into their processes. They’ve found that Mindsay’s easy-to-use platform has helped them become more agile, giving power to their team to make updates and improvements that allow them to get ahead of emerging customer service issues.

  • 23% decrease in discrepancy queries
  • 13% decrease in missing reward point claims
  • 22% decrease in cancelation claims
Key Stats


decrease in discrepancy queries


decrease in missing reward point claims


decrease in cancelation claims

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"Our bot was built within 3 weeks and immediately brought down the number of customer queries. We could see the impact within a couple of weeks."
Rob Cahill
Product Owner

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