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Reducing calls by 50% with a bot connected to Zendesk

Their story

French Bee is a French low-cost long-haul airline based out of Paris, France. Since being founded in 2016, French Bee has increased its fleet of aircraft to service cities in Overseas France and the United States, offering flights to destinations like New York, San Francisco, Paris, Tahiti, and Reunion.

Fantastic customer service and satisfied customers are core values of French Bee. However, with a diverse international customer base, French Bee needs to provide reactive support to customers throughout a range of different time zones.

The Goal

Given their unique challenges as a growing long-haul airline, French Bee knew that they needed to turn to innovative solutions if they wanted to improve customer satisfaction and reduce request volumes without significantly scaling their support team.

French Bee’s team wanted to make their customers as self-sufficient as possible by making it easy for them to find answers to common questions on their own. This would allow their customer service agents to focus on solving more valuable, complex requests.

To accomplish this, French Bee began investigating solutions that could help them automatically deflect customer requests. This led them to bots. Given that chatbots make it easy for customers to find answers to their basic questions, French Bee quickly understood that a bot was exactly what they needed.

The Solution

French Bee began to investigate several different chatbot solutions. After speaking with various providers, they chose Mindsay because of its practical yet powerful bot solution and a team that understood the challenges they were facing.

“Mindsay is a partner you can count on. Their platform is easy to use and adapts to your needs.”

The team at French Bee has been able to manage their bot with Mindsay’s easy-to-use platform. The user-friendly interface allows them to stay agile, letting them quickly update content and answers to further improve customer satisfaction. They also use the platform’s conversation records and analytics features to identify and prioritize new use cases.

During the COVID crisis, when customers needed additional assistance and reassurance, the bot was extremely helpful in qualifying requests for agents. The bot’s connection with Zendesk provided agents with a complete history of the conversation in the Zendesk ticket. This allowed the customer service team to have all the information they needed to quickly resolve issues.


The Results

Since implementing the bot, French Bee has seen a variety of benefits. One of the most important is the reduction in calls reaching the customer service center. The bot has helped French Bee reduce call volumes by 50%. This has also allowed them to showcase the value of their talented customer service agents, who can now spend their time solving complex requests. 

The reduction in call volumes has also translated into cost savings. With fewer calls making it through to the call center, French Bee has been able to reduce their customer service costs.

The chatbot has also helped French Bee increase their on-site conversion rate. The bot provides customers with the opportunity to purchase extra checked or carry-on baggage. Since implementing this feature in the bot, they’ve seen an increase in their online baggage sales conversion rate.  

  • 50% decrease in calls to the call center
  • Increase in the on-site baggage conversion rate
  • Reduction in call center costs
Key Stats


reduction in call volumes


languages handled by the bot


global customer service

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“Thanks to the bot, we’ve been able to highlight the real value added by our customer service agents.”
Josefien Essimel
Customer Service Manager

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