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Their story

Cleeng is a SaaS platform specialized in Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™). Their unique OTT solution serves leading Media & Entertainment brands including HBO Boxing, FIFA World Cup, Foxtel, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Altice, CBC, and hundreds of other broadcasters.

The Goal

The broadcasters using Cleeng’s SRM platform serve an ever-growing number of customers from more than 100 countries. Cleeng’s customer support team, Hi5, works around the clock to ensure viewers have the support they need. As viewership is growing all the time, Cleeng knew they had to find a way to scale their customer service. Rather than relying on team expansion, they targeted having an effective customer support ecosystem by utilizing both humans and AI in unison, making the Hi5 team smarter and more efficient.

The Solution

Before Miles (Cleeng’s chatbot powered by Mindsay), Cleeng’s customer support agents were dealing with a lot of basic, repetitive questions around streaming issues, pricing, geolocalization, and other FAQs. These issues are now be handled immediately by chatbot Miles, allowing Cleeng’s customer service agents to focus their time on more complex, value-added cases. With just one bot instance on Mindsay’s platform, Cleeng is able to service 6 brands.

The bot also ensures that subscribers who really need to talk to an agent are put in touch with the Hi5 team via a handover on Zendesk through the chatbot.


The Results

Thanks to Mindsay, Cleeng’s chatbot is now able to handle an ever-increasing number of customer requests, providing outstanding customer service by improving response times and ensuring accurate, personalized service.

For example, Cleeng launched their AI-powered chatbot for the Tennis Channel in Q2 2021 in the middle of the French Open. Streaming to thousands of subscribers worldwide, the bot was able to automatically resolve 70% of incoming customer requests, instantly.

Beyond improving customer service and loyalty, Cleeng’s chatbot is not only cost-saving but offers a better experience for the end-users too.


6 brands

managed by 1 bot

70% of requests

resolved by bot


customer service

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“Mindsay’s innovative chatbot platform ensures we’re staying on the cutting edge of customer service improvements and go the extra miles for our customers.”
Paula Aduana-So
Operations Manager

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