Their story

Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier of Belgium. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Brussels, Brussels Airlines flies to over 70 destinations around Europe, Africa, and North America each year.

With 38 aircraft carrying over 10 million passengers to their destinations each year, Brussels Airlines is an important member of the Lufthansa Group network airlines and Star Alliance.

The Goal

Brussels Airlines wanted to better serve their growing customer base which was a challenge given their existing customer service process relied on phone conversations with agents, something that was costly and not as scalable as they would have liked. 

Brussels Airlines was convinced that they could significantly reduce costs and improve their customers’ experience with the right chatbot and automation technology. 

After evaluating several chatbot providers, they decided to go with Mindsay’s customer service chatbot platform for three primary reasons:

  • Mindsay’s ROI-based approach to automation 
  • The simple API connections and integrations with customer service platforms like Genesys
  • Mindsay’s excellent professional services team

The Solution

Brussels Airlines worked with Mindsay to quickly launch a chatbot in three languages (English, French, and Dutch). They went on to add German, Spanish, and Italian, allowing Brussels Airlines to provide excellent customer service in the preferred languages of the majority of their customers.

“Mindsay’s seamless integration with Genesys Cloud has had a positive impact on our agents’ productivity and has driven cost savings for Brussels Airlines. With the majority of incoming customer requests qualified or deflected by the chatbot, our agents now have much more availability to focus on high-value customer requests.”

Brussels Airlines’ chatbot automates a wide variety of customer requests, including FAQs about COVID-19, ticket refunds, baggage allowance, and check-in. The Mindsay bot also manages connected use cases like flight statuses and a seamless handover to live agents using Mindsay’s integration with Genesys.


The Results

Thanks to their Mindsay chatbot, Brussels Airlines has been able to reduce the call volumes to their customer service centers while also providing multilingual 24/7 support for their customers. This has resulted in huge cost savings and efficiency gains. 

For example, 70% of people who interact with the chatbot never ask to be put in touch with an agent. Even with the bot providing the option to speak with an agent, customers instead often find the answers they’re looking for directly from the multilingual chatbot, leaving them more than satisfied with the support they receive from the bot.

This has enabled Brussels Airlines to serve a growing customer base at a much lower cost. Moreover, Brussels Airlines’ service center performance is constantly improving with huge response time improvements and greater agent availability. Now, the average agent response time is under one minute.

  • 24/7 customer support in 6 languages
  • 70% deflection of incoming customer requests via chat, allowing Brussels Airlines’ agents to focus on high-value customer interactions
  • Reducing the average agent response time to under one minute
  • Integrated with Genesys to provide a seamless live agent handover
Key Stats


customer support in 6 languages


of requests directed to the bot are solved by the bot


minute agent response time

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"The chatbot is a great tool in the context of COVID-19 when airlines need to be flexible for their customers. Mindsay’s speed and implementation of additional features are excellent. The platform is smooth, agile, and lean, making it very user-friendly."
Rémi Vanbroeckhoven
Digital Product Owner

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