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Ratp is the public operator for Paris public transports. It operates and maintains the network of metro, tramway, bus and RER.

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Paris, France

Use cases

FAQ, handles claims & lost objects, trafic info, itineraries, next passage, set alerts, push messages 


Re-inventing their customer service with smart agent

Before using Mindsay, RATP used to answer manually all requests and complaints coming from their website, Messenger, Twitter and phone line. Treating these flows of incoming information represented an excessive amount of work and a very high cost. Morevover, their passengers were often disappointed with the delay of response and the lack of access to the right information.

Today, thanks to Mindsay solution, RATP’s smart assistant has relieved its customer support by bringing a direct answer when possible and by pre-qualifying requests when it isn’t. First by acting as an extra member of their team, it answers most common level 1 questions that have low-added value. It reduces drastically the number of requests to be treated. Second, by pre-qualifying complaints through forms that auto-complete through the conversation, it accelerates their treatment.

Drastic savings on treatment costs

With more than 11 million passengers every day and almost 3billion a year, handling the daily requests of the network was a costly puzzle. The cost to treat a single ticket could reach dozens of euros. This cost was due to the delay, the back and forth and the lack of automation of each ticket. 

The first major improvement has been the reduction of the number of tickets. With a bot getting smarter and smarter thanks to Artificial Intelligence, 84% of conversations are now handled by the bot. That allowed them to reduce the load on their agents, freeing time to focus on important or complex requests.

The second major improvement has been the delay of treatment of each ticket. One of their big pain when treating tickets were the holes in information delaying the action. Their smart agent now asks questions so as to qualify as precisely as possible the request. It fills a form that the user only has to finalize with his contact details. The demand duely completed and shapped accelerates the work of the agent handling it.

The widget includes all the codes of Messenger (Quick Replies, Sliders, GIFs…).
It also enables voice command.


Meeting new usages 

On Messenger, RATP’s chatbot has focused on another task : providing live information and connected services. The chatbot finds itineraries, gives the passage of the next bus or metro and allows to set alerts. The ability to set an alert for a specific metro line or bus is one of the most used feature. A user can ask the bot to alert him every day at 8am to know if the trafic is ok on its favorite metro line. Not only does it provide a high value use case for passengers, but it also allows to keep a high engagement rate for this service. 

Thanks to that usage, RATP is now able to go even further and to send push messages for major events disturbing lines : strikes, demonstrations, major disruption, public work, diversion … 

” We recommend Mindsay for their support, their perfect understanding of our needs and their reactivity ” 

Patricia Delon
Marketing Director @RATP

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