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Founded in 1927, Iberia is the Spanish flag carrier airline. Based in Madrid, Iberia operates a global airline network from its main base at Madrid-Barajas Airport. Iberia flies to over 105 destinations in 39 countries and has access to a further 90 destinations through code-sharing agreements with other airlines.



Madrid, Spain

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How Iberia offers a better passenger experience

52% of airlines are planning to integrate some form of AI into their customer service operations within the next five years. Iberia, the Spanish flag carrier, decided to get ahead of the trend.

In 2018, over 20 million passengers flew with Iberia. With such a volume of travelers, it became challenging to maintain the highest level of customer service.

Airline passengers have many questions and can encounter many issues. They also have high expectations for airlines’ customer service. Be it lost baggage, missed flight connections, or check-in questions, passengers want their issues resolved right away.

The challenge

Reducing call volume

Iberia was looking for new ways to bring personalized services to meet its travelers’ rising service expectations while also ensuring its customer support agents had the bandwidth to focus on complex issues.

To achieve this goal, Iberia needed to reduce the critical MTR metric (Mean Time to Resolution).

However, they noticed their support agents were spending a significant amount of time dealing with simple, repetitive requests instead of concentrating on the complex issues. Naturally, Iberia wanted to reduce the volume of basic requests that their customer support teams were handling.

Providing new, responsive services

When travelers reach out about a problem, they not only expect an instant response but an instant solution. To meet this expectation, airlines need to have support options available to resolve issues 24/7.

Iberia wanted to provide this level of assistance to its passengers. To achieve this, our team built a chatbot that can connect to their live systems through various APIs. This has allowed Iberia to provide its passengers with ticket information, luggage dimensions, boarding passes, check-in help, payment details, destination guides, weather updates, and the answers to all of the FAQs through the bot.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority for airlines. However, it is often one of the biggest challenges. Unhappy and unsatisfied customers lead to fewer passengers and less revenue. Rapidly addressing passengers’ questions and issues is an obvious method to provide an excellent customer experience that turns detractors into loyal customers.

Iberia’s Smart Assistant has issued boarding passes, checked in passengers, sold ancillary services, provided flight information, and addressed ticket inquiries to help to quickly resolve passengers’ questions and issues.


Within 6 months, Iberia’s Smart Assistant was able to:

  • Find flights
  • Provide flight information
  • Share destination guides
  • Give destination suggestions based on points balances
  • Determine baggage allowances
  • Calculate additional baggage costs
  • Answer questions about a trip
  • Provide local destination times

“We were looking for an excellent team and an excellent technology that we could develop jointly to create the best conversational AI in our industry”

Gabriel Perdiguero
Chief Transformation Officer @Iberia

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