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Iberia is the flag carrier airline of Spain, founded in 1927. Based in Madrid, it operates an international network of services from its main base of Madrid-Barajas Airport. Iberia airlines fly to over 109 destinations in 39 countries, and a further 90 destinations through code-sharing agreements with other airlines.

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Madrid, Spain

How Iberia offer a better passenger experience and optimised support

With over 52% of airlines planning to implement some form of AI initiative into their customer service operations over the next five years, Iberia, a Spanish national airline that belongs to IAG decided to jump on the bandwagon quicker than others.

In 2018, more than 20 million passengers flew with the company. With such a high volume of passengers, it became extremely challenging to keep up with the level of customer service.

It’s commonly known that passengers aren’t exactly the ‘best friends’ of airlines when it comes to customer service. Be it lost baggage, missed connections, or poor in-flight service experiences; passengers often want their concerns addressed very quickly.

The Challenge

No. of Incoming Calls ☎️ 

Iberia was looking for new ways to bring personalised services to its travellers and meet their rapid customer service expectations but also ensuring the customer service reps only focus on complex issues.

All this resulting in a reduced MTR metric (Mean Time to Resolution), which is extremely critical to airlines. Quite a challenge! 

They saw the customer service reps spending a vast amount of time responding to repetitive incoming calls & emails while they could be focusing on resolving complex issues. Iberia wanted to relieve the Customer Support teams from low-added value requests.

Provide new Connected Services 🔌

Travellers go to company website when they have a problem. They search for the ‘Help’ page. When they reach out, they expect instant answers but more importantly an efficient resolution. This creates a natural expectation for the company to be available 24/7 with accurate support methods. 

Iberia wanted to address their travellers but in a helpful way. Which meant connecting their Smart Assistant to their services. Our team at mindsay built a Smart Assistant that’s connected to their live systems through various API connections. It helps in giving passenger ticket info, luggage info, issues boarding passes, helps with check-in, provides payment info, cultural info on destination, weather info and Answers all FAQs in a conversational manner.


Increase Customer Satisfaction 😄 

Customer satisfaction is always one of the top priorities for Airlines. Often one of the most challenging areas too. Unhappy or unsatisfied customers naturally result in fewer passengers & less revenue. Getting passengers’ questions answered rapidly and efficiently might be the obvious contributors to a great experience & more loyalty. 

Iberia’s Smart Assistant helped answer passengers’ questions quickly & resolve issues efficiently: including issuing boarding passes, check-ins, extra legroom, flight information, ticketing enquiries.

Results 🛬


In 6 months of the project life cycle, Iberia’s Smart Assistant was able to:

🔭 Help find flights

ℹ️ Give flight information

🏛️ Give Cultural info on destination

🌎 Know where you can go with your miles

🧳 Know what luggage your ticket includes & calculate additional baggage cost

❓ Answer questions about your trip

⏱️ Give you local time at your destination


Since January 2019 the bot has handled:

📩 300k messages 

👪 90k unique users

✅ Converted 17.2% of conversations into check-ins 

“We were looking for an excellent team and an excellent technology that we could develop jointly to create the best conversational AI in our industry”

Gabriel Perdiguero
Chief Transformation Officer @Iberia

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