Sales rep to
boost revenues

Power your sales with a smart agent available for your customers to understand their needs and reassure them throughout the funnel.

increase conversion

Create seamless booking
and shopping experiences

bot that helps choose product

Automated sales

When your customers are on your website, they have doubts, questions. You can’t be there to answer them all, every day. But we can.

Connect your inventory & CMS

Without writing a single line of code, your E-commerce team can plug your API’s into the bot in order to answer any question.

Bot actions

Prepare a set of dynamic reactions based on the context of the conversation

The future of Conversational Commerce

We are taking the best of three types of interfaces to power change across commerce: websites, messaging & voice.

Simplified interface

Ambitious companies offer simple yet clever ways for customers to find the right product at the right time.

Integrate seamlessly

With just one line of code, your website will be converted into a full conversational agent for your customers.

Grow revenue with guided selling 

We’ve worked hand in hand with companies to train our algorithms to sell. Sell better.
Helping is definitely the new selling.

Proven performance

Some of our customer have experienced
an increase of at least 5 points on their average conversion rate.

increase revenues

Improve your Top-line

with Mindsay