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Conversational MArketing

Boost sales with conversational marketing chatbots

Convert more customers with always-on conversational marketing chatbots that reduce purchase anxiety and simplify the sales process.

marketing automation

Our conversational AI chatbots deliver relevant content and promotions that turn app or website visitors into customers. With our artificially intelligent bots powering your conversational marketing strategy, you can provide excellent customer experiences 24/7.

More effective sales channels

Guide customers through the buying process.
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Alway-ready sales reps

Encourage sales and answer questions 24/7.
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Connected and customizable

Customize to address your sales challenges.
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Conversational landing pages

Create next-generation landing pages.
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Sales reps that never
take a break

Customers often have questions before buying. In those moments, traditional customer support agents can’t always be there. With Mindsay chatbots, you have an automated sales team standing by to put customers’ purchase anxieties to rest, regardless of whether it’s 3 am or 3 pm.

Guide customers to the finish line

Many things can prevent someone from completing a purchase. Our bots help address those issues to turn more users into customers. Mindsay bots are there during the purchase process to instantly answer questions and make sure that customers convert.

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Sell the right upgrades

Improve your sales effectiveness

Converting users is a challenge. However, businesses that provide personalized experiences often have more success. Mindsay bots make purchasing simpler by answering questions, addressing concerns, and suggesting offers during the sales process.

Increase conversion rates

Provide automatic customer service throughout the purchase process to encourage users to convert. Many companies using conversational marketing have experienced a big jump in their sales conversion rates in a matter of months.

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Reduce churn rates

Enter the future of conversational marketing

Customer preferences are evolving. Keep pace with Mindsay chatbots. Our bots allow you to create conversational landing pages that combine three of the most popular communication channels, websites, messaging platforms, and voice, to change the way you sell.

Conversational Landing Page

Provide an easy-to-use interface

Don’t overcomplicate your purchase process. Our conversational landing pages let you offer your customers a simple, intuitive experience that helps them quickly find what they are looking for.

Seamlessly integrates with your site

Creating a conversational landing page is easier than you think. Mindsay’s user-friendly technology lets you turn your website into an immersive conversational experience using a single line of code.

Connect and customize your bots

No company is the same. Everyone has different challenges to tackle. Mindsay’s chatbot platform provides you with the flexibility to customize your chatbot to your company’s specific needs while leveraging the business platforms that you’ve already set up.

Connect to your systems

Work with the business platforms you already use. Connect to your booking, inventory management, or other business systems without any code. Proprietary or not, connecting our chatbots is as easy as plugging in your APIs on our platform.

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Customize your bot’s reactions

Learn how bots can increase your sales

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