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Our bots are fully-trained to solve the travel industry’s most valuable use cases.

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Customers want personalized, instantaneous relationships with travel companies. Our process automation solution does what call centers and email support alone can’t: give them what they want, when they want it, on their preferred channels.

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Provide customers with real-time support on their favorite communication channels. Our chatbots can be added to your website, mobile app, social media, messaging apps, Google Assistant, and more.

Let your agents be at their best

With our travel bots taking care of simple requests, your human agents can focus on resolving complex issues. With Mindsay, you can provide every customer with fast, frictionless support at a fraction of the cost.

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Streamline your customer processes

Better processes result in better user experiences and lower costs. Cut down the number of requests that reach your customer service team by up to 80% and efficiently route the ones that do with our process automation platform.

Reduce your support costs

Keeping up with your customers’ expectations isn’t easy. Our AI-powered bots will help you keep your support costs under control by automatically resolving simple requests while forwarding complex issues to your agents.

Increase your revenue

Our AI assistants don’t just answer questions, they can automatically sell and upsell travel bookings and ancillaries. Even better, you’re able to easily track how they’re doing in our ready-to-use analytics dashboard.

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Tackle your most
valuable use cases

20% of requests are responsible for 80% of your support volume. Our chatbots are pre-trained to resolve travelers’ most common questions, leaving only the most important and complex requests for your agents.

Solve problems from day 1

Your customers want instant results and so do you. Choose from a selection of travel-specific use cases on our user-friendly platform and watch your bot start resolving and routing customer requests in no time.

Personalized travel assistance

Our bots let you provide each traveler with their own personal travel agent. From check-in to modifying travel plans, Mindsay’s virtual assistants are there to instantly help customers with the most common issues at each step of their trip. 

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