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Discover how our travel chatbots are helping the travel sector deflect requests, reduce handling times, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Create traveler-friendly processes

Build customer-centric processes that provide better user experiences and increase satisfaction. Our bots will allow you to reduce the number of requests reaching your customer service team by up to 60% while efficiently prequalifying and routing complex issues.

Deflect more requests

Our bots employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to easily resolve customers’ basic requests. With Mindsay bots, you can automatically solve customer issues around the clock to help reduce support volumes.

Reduce handling times

Some requests need a human touch. Mindsay bots help to prequalify and route complex requests to your support team. Armed with all the information they need to help, your agents can resolve customer issues quickly.

Tackle your most valuable use cases

Simple requests account for a sizeable amount of support volumes. Our bots are designed to automatically resolve travelers’ most common questions, leaving only the most important requests for your agents.

Get results quickly

Our bots provide you with instant results. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to create an array of customized use cases before watching your bot start to automatically resolve and route customer requests.

Offer personalized assistance

Our bots let you provide each traveler with their own personal travel agent. From booking process questions to modifying travel plans, Mindsay’s virtual assistants are there to instantly help customers with the most common issues throughout their trip.

Provide better travel experiences

Creating personalized relationships with travelers is the best way to ensure satisfaction and retention. Mindsay’s AI chatbots do what call centers and email support alone can’t: give travelers responsive customer support whenever they need it on their preferred channels.

Be where your customers are

Provide customers with real-time customer service on their favorite channels. Our bots can be added to websites, mobile apps, social media, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, call centers, and more.

Keep agents engaged and productive

With our travel bots taking care of simple requests, your human agents can focus on resolving complex or urgent issues. No longer dealing with mundane questions, agents are more engaged and productive.

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