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Create responsive support processes

You may be a telecom company but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything over the phone. Long wait times and unengaged agents are a customer retention killer. With Mindsay, you can make self-service feel like a VIP experience.

The impact of chatbots

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Support costs

Mindsay’s virtual assistants provide instant service to allow your customers to resolve their issues faster. Our platform connects and streamlines your service processes by resolving routine issues to increase customer satisfaction, cut response times, and reduce agent turnover.

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Route and resolve faster than ever

Not all requests are born equal. Mindsay’s customer service process automation platform uses virtual assistants to prequalify and route complex issues. That means the customers with the most urgent problems get to talk to a human faster while agents get the information they need to quickly solve the issue.

With bots handling the routine questions and routing the complicated ones, support teams can offer faster, more personalized support. With agents dealing with more interesting complex issues, turnover will fall along with the hiring and training costs.

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Built for the telecom industry

Mindsay is designed for telecommunications companies’ use cases. Our bots are ready to help with phone plan subscriptions, upgrades, account management, and billing. With Mindsay managing and routing service and support requests, customers are helped faster and agents are more engaged.

Our telecom bots are ready to
route and resolve requests about:


Learn how bots can provide info about phone plans.

  • Network coverage
  • Phone plans
  • Plan limits
  • Usage overages
  • Service levels
  • Roaming fees
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Account Management

Explore how chatbots can manage customer accounts.

  • Update address
  • Update phone number
  • Change password
  • Monitor usage
  • See plan details
  • Share data
  • Find payment dates
  • Check balance
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See how bots help streamline customer support.

  • Agent hand-off
  • Get phone bill
  • Outage updates
  • Make payment
  • Setup voicemail
  • Warranty information
  • Exchange information
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Upgrades & Add-ons

Discover how bots can promote upgrades and add-ons.

  • Add roaming
  • Top-up data
  • Upgrade phone
  • Change plan
  • Discover travel promotions
  • Add packaged services
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Unify your customer service tools

Unify your tools to unify your processes. Our customer service automation platform allows you to connect your business systems, even your proprietary business platforms. Mindsay’s bots integrate with all your tools to help you build smoother support processes.

With integrations to Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Freshdesk, and Genesys, Mindsay bots route requests to agents then lets them seamlessly take over to quickly solve customer problems.

Mindsay Integrations Listings
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Offer omnichannel service

Provide great customer service on every platform. Mindsay works with your customers’ favorite voice and messaging platforms. Our bots can be added to your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Communication Platforms Including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, WeChat, Android, iOS and Alexa

Faster, more responsive customer service

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