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Learn how bots are helping telecoms deflect customer requests, reduce handling times, and increase satisfaction.
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Designed for the telecom industry

Mindsay bots are designed to tackle telecommunications companies’ use cases. Our bots are ready to help resolve requests about phone plan subscriptions, upgrades, account management, and billing. With Mindsay resolving and routing service and support requests, your customers get help faster while your agents are more engaged and productive.

Plan Information

Learn how bots can provide info about phone plans.

  • Network coverage
  • Phone plans
  • Plan limits
  • Usage overages
  • Service levels
  • Roaming fees
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Account Management

Discover how chatbots can manage customer accounts.

  • Update address
  • Update phone number
  • Change password
  • Monitor usage
  • See plan details
  • Share data
  • Find payment dates
  • Check balance
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Customer Support

Learn how bots help streamline support.

  • Agent hand-off
  • Get phone bill
  • Outage updates
  • Bill payments
  • Setup voicemail
  • Warranty information
  • Exchange information
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Upgrades & Add-ons

Discover how bots can promote upgrades and add-ons.

  • Add roaming
  • Top-up data
  • Upgrade phone
  • Change plan
  • Discover travel promotions
  • Add products and services
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Say “hello” to deflected requests

Long wait times and unengaged agents are a customer retention killer. With Mindsay, you can offer personalized 24/7 support with bots that automatically resolve and deflect basic requests while making self-service feel like a VIP experience.

Mindsay’s virtual assistants provide instant service to allow your customers to resolve their issues fast without the help of an agent. Our bots connect with your tools to solve routine issues by providing responsive, personalized service, helping you reduce request volumes, increase customer engagement, and improve satisfaction.

Agent connecting to a conversation with a customer who wants to cancel their phone plan.

Answer customers quickly

Some requests need to be handled by a human operator, not a bot. Mindsay’s conversational AI bot can prequalify and route customers’ complex issues to your support team. This provides your agents with the information they need to solve the problem, allowing customers with urgent requests to get them resolved quickly.

Mindsay bots handle the routine questions and route the complicated ones, allowing support teams to reduce handling and response times while providing better customer experiences. Since your customer service team only needs to manage complex issues, agents are more engaged and productive, allowing you to reduce turnover.

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Build seamless service processes

Mindsay customer service platform integrations

Create smooth customer service processes with tools that work together. Our easy-to-use bot platform allows you to connect your business systems, even proprietary business platforms, to help you build seamless support processes.

Our platform integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Zendesk Sunshine, Genesys, and more to let our bots provide personalized service and route requests to agents who can effortlessly take over to quickly solve customer problems.

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Offer omnichannel service

Provide great customer service on any conversational or voice platform. Mindsay bots can be added to your customers’ favorite voice and messaging platforms, including websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, more. When it comes to voice capabilities, our conversational IVR solution will transform your call center by providing your customers with intuitive, automated assistance.

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