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Reduce your support request volume by up to 85% in just 4 weeks with a conversational AI chatbot.
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Take control of your commuter support costs

Public transportation companies have a tough mandate: provide affordable transport options, maintain vast transit networks, and keep commuters informed all while managing costs. Mindsay’s chatbot platform helps you keep your support costs in check by automating up to 80% of requests.

The impact of chatbots

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Support costs

With a single request costing up to $20, automating your support efforts lets you take back control of your costs. Cost savings aren’t the only benefit. Our bots keep commuters happy by providing instant answers on their favorite voice and messaging platforms.

Bus Schedule Through a Chatbot

Keep commuters on time with live transit information

Commuters’ most common questions are usually related to the next departure time or possible disruptions on their transit lines. Our chatbots allow commuters to find schedules, arrival times, routes, and more within a conversational interface.

Mindsay bots also proactively work to prevent support calls. Commuters can set up alerts for specific transit lines. The chatbot then notifies them to whether their train, subway, bus, or other transit line is running on time. If there happens to be a major disruption, the bot will warn commuters using push messages and notifications.

Transit Alert

“We recommend Mindsay for their support, their perfect understanding of our needs, and their reactivity.”

Patricia Delon,
Marketing Director
See how RATP reinvented their customer service →
Subway Train and People Working
Seats on a Bus

Designed to resolve public transport use cases

Mindsay chatbots are ready to help with route planning, provide transit updates, handle custom alerts, and answer other frequently asked questions. By letting bots manage the majority of common requests, your agents will deal with fewer calls. That helps you keep commuter satisfaction high and your costs in check.

Our public transport chatbots are ready
to resolve requests about:


Discover how bots inform commuters about disruptions.

  • Live updates
  • Current disruptions
  • Scheduled maintenance and special events
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Explore how bots can share schedules and departure information.

  • Next departure
  • First departure
  • Last departure
  • Upcoming departures
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Learn how chatbots can create and manage transit alerts.

  • Creating alerts
  • Removing alerts
  • Reviewing alerts
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See how chatbots can help plan commutes.

  • Finding a route
  • Route updates
  • Route maps
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Discover the types of questions that bots can answer.

  • Agent hand-off
  • Fare information
  • Lost passes
  • Complaints
  • Lost items
  • Station accessibility
  • Customer service offices
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Work with the platforms you already have

You want to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. With Mindsay’s chatbot platform, you won’t need to worry about changing your current business processes. Our bots connect to your other business systems, including your proprietary business platforms, to let you leverage all of your tech tools’ capabilities.  

If a commuter needs help from one of your support agents, our platform is integrated with Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and Genesys so your agents can easily enter the conversation with the platform they’re already using.

Mindsay Integrations Listings
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Patricia Delon Speaking in a Video

It takes teamwork to build a bot

See RATP’s experience working with Mindsay to build an AI-powered bot.

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Provide support on
multiple channels

When there’s a transit issue, few people have time to make a phone call. Mindsay chatbots let you instantly answer commuters’ questions on their preferred voice or messaging platform.

Our bots can be added to websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Communication Platforms, Including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, WeChat, Android, iOS and Alexa

Lower support costs and happier commuters

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