Insurance chatbots ensure fantastic service

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Discover how bots let you deflect requests while providing better, more responsive customer experiences.
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Built for the insurance industry

Mindsay bots have been designed to tackle the insurance sector’s use cases. Mindsay virtual assistants are prepared to help with changing coverage, claims processing, sharing policy details, and providing quotes. With our bots resolving and managing requests, your customers get fantastic service while agent productivity and job satisfaction improve.

Account Management

Learn how bots can help with account management.

  • Update personal information
  • Change password
  • Update banking information
  • Change coverage
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Claim Management

Learn how chatbots can help manage insurance claims.

  • File a claim
  • See claims history
  • View claim information
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Customer Support

Learn how bots help streamline support.

  • Agent hand-off
  • Find approved service providers
  • Replace lost cards
  • See payment options
  • See policy details
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Quotes, Plans, & Extras

Discover how bots can help you sell insurance products.

  • Compare plans
  • Get a quote
  • Purchase extra coverage
  • Add or remove beneficiaries
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Ensure more deflected requests

Your customers count on you, make sure you’re helping them quickly. Mindsay allows you to provide fast, useful self-service options that deflect simple questions and requests while ensuring that customers still quickly get the assistance they need.

Mindsay’s conversational AI virtual assistants automatically solve customers’ simple or routine requests so they don’t have to wait. Connected with all your tools, our bots let you streamline your customer-facing processes by providing responsive, personalized service, cutting request volumes, and increasing customer engagement.

Bot helping customer add a beneficiary

Respond to requests quickly

Sometimes your customers need a human insurance agent, make it painless to get in contact with one. Mindsay’s intelligent virtual agents identify and prequalify customers with complex requests and connect them to an agent. With the bot taking care of the qualification, agents have the information they need to immediately start solving the issue.

Mindsay’s bots take care of routine questions and route the complicated requests directly to your agents, so your team can reduce handling and response times. With only priority requests coming through, your support team agents will be more productive and engaged, helping to reduce turnover.

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How insurers can automate 7 customer service processes

Design customer-oriented processes

Mindsay customer service platform integrations

To create great processes, your tools should work together. Our user-friendly platform connects your tools, even your proprietary business systems, to create smooth, responsive support processes.

Mindsay’s platform integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Zendesk Sunshine, Genesys, and more to allow our bots to provide personalized service and route requests to agents who can seamlessly enter conversations.

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Offer excellent service anywhere

Insurance customers are no longer tied to the phone. Provide excellent service on any conversational or voice platform.  Mindsay’s bots can be added to your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, live chat solution, and more. For customers who still prefer the phone, our conversational IVR solution will transform your call center experience, allowing customers to get intuitive, automated assistance.

Ensure great customer service

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