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Our AI-powered hotel chatbots are ready to help you streamline your customer service processes and provide unparalleled guest experiences in only 4 weeks.
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Provide excellent guest experiences

Provide concierge service to every guest, every time. Our conversational AI chatbots are ready to handle guests’ questions about your hotels, their amenities, your loyalty program, and more. Mindsay bots are always on duty to answer questions on your guests’ favorite communication platforms.

The impact of chatbots

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Guest loyalty
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Support costs

Calling the front desk is no longer mandatory. Automatically solve requests and answer questions before, during, and after your guests’ stays on their preferred channels so the front desk staff at your hotels are free to deal with check-ins, room service, and other urgent issues.

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Increase direct hotel bookings, automatically

Take back your hotel reservations. Our chatbots make booking a room from your hotel’s website simple. Mindsay’s bots help turn users into customers by answering last-minute questions, providing room information, and more. By resolving questions and cutting down the number of steps needed to make a booking, bots make the purchase process easier than ever.

We also know that special bookings are some of the most valuable. When a guest is looking for something specific, our chatbot will transfer them to a human agent who can ensure that they will get the exact hotel experience that they’re looking for.

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Built to solve hotels’ biggest challenges

Mindsay chatbots are ready to streamline the booking process, provide loyalty program information, share lists of hotel amenities with guests, and more. With the help of bots powered by artificial intelligence, hotels can provide faster, more responsive customer service and increase direct reservation conversions.

Our hotel chatbots are ready
to resolve requests about:

Direct Reservations

Learn about bots’ reservation management capabilities.

  • Book a room
  • Find hotels
  • Reservation info
  • Access reservation
  • Cancel reservation
  • Resolve booking problems
  • Price matching
  • Confirmation issues
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Loyalty Programs

Discover how bots help share loyalty program information.

  • General information
  • Earning and using points
  • Adding missing points
  • Account access
  • Updating or canceling account
  • Request loyalty card
  • Account recovery
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Hotel Information

See what hotel information bots can share.

  • General hotel information
  • Hotel services information
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Payment Support

Uncover chatbots’ payment support features.

  • Payment information
  • Sending an invoice
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Complaints and Feedback

Discover how bots can help you manage complaints.

  • Complaints
  • Policies
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Learn about chatbots’ agent hand-off capabilities.

  • Contact form
  • Live chat hand-off
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Connect with your CRS and other platforms

Add new tools without disrupting your existing ones. Mindsay’s chatbot platform seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, including proprietary platforms, to provide you with even more capabilities. Connect our bot to your CRS to allow guests to modify or cancel bookings without the help of an agent.

If an agent needs to get involved, our chatbot platform can be linked with popular customer support platforms so agents can easily take over on a platform they’re already used to.

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Reach your guests
on their terms

Your guests have changed. Our bots let you assist and sell on their preferred platforms. You can add Mindsay chatbots to your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Communication Platforms Including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, WeChat, Android, iOS and Alexa

Happier guests and more direct bookings

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