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Discover the benefits of responsive customer service with a bot for banks and fintech companies.
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Designed for banking and fintech

Our bots are designed for banking and fintech use cases. Mindsay bots are ready to help with account balances, credit card payments, lost cards, and promoting financial products. With Mindsay automatically resolving and managing requests, your customers get better service while agent productivity and job satisfaction skyrocket.

Personal Account Management

Learn how bots can help with account management.

  • Update personal information
  • Change passwords
  • Check account balances
  • Report lost or stolen cards
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Bills, Payments, & Credit Cards

See how chatbots can help manage bills, payments, and credit card requests.

  • See credit limits, interest rates, & minimum payments
  • Increase credit limit
  • See transaction history
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
  • Send payment alerts
  • Offer payment plans
  • Show reward point balance
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Banking Services

Explore how bots help streamline banking service support.

  • Agent hand-off
  • Find a branch
  • Check branch hours
  • Get product information
  • Book an appointment
  • Find account & routing numbers
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Promos & Special Offers

Discover how bots can help you sell financial products.

  • Promoted products
  • Apply for credit cards
  • Reward program information
  • Switching banks
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Invest in Self-Service

Online banking and mobile banking have provided  customers with more self-service options than ever before. With Mindsay, you can take it one step further by deflecting basic customer requests while making each customer feel like they have their own personal banker.

Mindsay’s intelligent bots are there around-the-clock to help your customers solve their issues in real-time, at any time. Our customer service chatbots connect to your tools to offer quick, personalized service that reduces request volumes and improves customer satisfaction.

A bot transferring a credit increase request to an agent

Cut response and handling times

Simple issues can be solved by a bot while complex cases need the human touch. Our virtual assistants qualify user requests and route complicated issues to the right agent. The bot prequalifies requests and provides agents with all the information they need to solve the problem quickly.

With our bots resolving the routine and routing the complex, your team can provide faster, personalized support. Now tasked with only the most complicated issues, agents are engaged and productive, leading to reduced turnover and more cost savings.

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8 customer service processes banks should automate

Create customer-centric processes

Mindsay customer service platform integrations

Bring your tools together and provide better customer experiences. Mindsay’s easy-to-use platform lets you connect your tools, even your proprietary business platforms, to create seamless support processes.

Our platform integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Zendesk Sunshine, Genesys, Intercom, and more, allowing our bots to provide personalized service and route requests to agents who can smoothly enter the conversation.

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Provide great service everywhere

Offer excellent customer service anywhere that has a conversational or voice interface. Mindsay bots work on all the major voice and messaging platforms. Our AI chatbots can be added to your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp while our conversational IVR will transform your call center by allowing customers to solve their issues using voice commands.

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