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Our AI-powered chatbots for airlines are pre-trained on over 300 airline-specific use cases and ready to integrate with your GDS. We’ll reduce your support request volume and sell more ancillary services in just 4 weeks.
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Pre-trained on
airline use cases
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Better customer service experiences with fewer agents

Fewer agents and happier passengers? It’s not a fantasy. Our innovative chatbot platform lets you automatically resolve up to 80% of customer requests without any help from a human agent. Our bots are there around the clock on your customers’ favorite voice and messaging platforms to instantly answer their questions.

The impact of chatbots

Decrease Arrow
Support requests
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Handling time
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Agent capacity
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Support costs

With each support call costing you an average of $2.25, the cost savings speak for themselves. By reducing your call volumes, your customer support team can focus on providing exceptional service while allowing you to better manage your agent staffing costs.

Chatbot Answering Travelers’ Question About Bringing an Animal

Automatically sell more ancillaries

Ancillary services are important in the airline industry. From seat upgrades to additional checked baggage, priority boarding, and more, our chatbots automatically upsell personalized ancillary services throughout your passengers’ journeys. By answering questions and reducing the number of steps needed to make a purchase, Mindsay chatbots make the buying process simple and spontaneous.

Our artificial intelligence-powered bots also free your agents from having to spend time answering basic customer questions. Instead, they can focus on calls that provide higher value to passengers, like sales calls, which leads to more revenue for your airline.

Purchasing an Upgrade Through a Chatbot

“Mindsay’s seamless integration with Genesys Cloud has had a positive impact on our agents’ productivity and has driven cost savings for Brussels Airlines.”

Rémi Vanbroeckhoven,
Digital Product Owner
See how Brussels Airlines reduced agent response time in 6 languages →
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Fully trained to handle
your important use cases

The air travel industry has its own unique set of customer challenges. Our chatbots are pre-trained to solve more than 300 airline-specific requests from day 1. Mindsay bots are ready to provide flight status updates, issue boarding passes, and book flights right out of the box.

With bots solving these common passenger inquiries, your agents will only have to deal with the most important and complex requests.

Our airline chatbots are ready
to resolve requests about:


Discover how bots help with baggage issues.

  • General information
  • Restricted objects
  • Bag dimensions
  • Adding extra baggage
  • Luggage issues
  • Baggage check-in
  • Lost luggage
  • Traveling with pets
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See how chatbots can help with the check-in process.

  • Complete check-in
  • Check-in issues
  • Check-in time information
  • Retrieve boarding passes
  • Airport arrival time
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Uncover chatbots’ payment support features.

  • Problems
  • Policies
  • Confirmation
  • Invoices
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Learn what special assistance information chatbots can share.

  • Traveling with a baby
  • Assistance policy
  • Assistance for unaccompanied minors
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Flight Information

Learn which flight information can be shared.

  • Delays
  • Cancellations
  • Gate locations
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Booking Management

Explore bots’ booking management capabilities.

  • Seat upgrades
  • Change flight
  • Cancel flight
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Loyalty Programs

Discover how bots can support your loyalty program.

  • Points balance
  • Missing points
  • Special offers
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Additional Features

See what else bots can do.

  • Promotions, destinations, & prices
  • Travel documents and visas
  • Refunds
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Plug into your GDS & customer service platforms

Change the way you provide customer support not the way you work. Our chatbot platform helps you get the most out of your other business systems, including your proprietary business platforms.

Connect Mindsay chatbots with your Amadeus, Sabre, or Travelport GDS to provide passengers with real-time information. Since our bots are NDC compatible, you’ll be ready to leverage all the latest features.

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Achieving customer service at scale

The 4-step process to building a successful airline chatbot.

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Be wherever your
passengers are

Customer preferences have changed. Not only do they want instant responses, but more and more of them prefer messaging platforms over speaking on the phone. Our chatbots will allow you to resolve your passengers’ requests on their preferred platforms 24 hours a day. Mindsay bots can be added to your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Communication Platforms, Including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, WeChat, Android, iOS and Alexa

Lower support costs and happier passengers

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