The World Aviation Festival London Event Guide

Mindsay at the World Aviation Festival
Jul 25, 2019
Maud Ricateau
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The World Aviation Festival is one of the largest and most established aviation shows in the world today. With over 220 exhibitors and 250 presentations, this award-winning conference continues to grow and attract large airlines, airports, and travel technology companies from around the globe. As the aviation industry descends on London this September, there will be a lot to discover and not enough time to discover it all. That's why you need to prioritize.

First things first, come visit us and check your tailor made chatbot at Booth 41A. Once you've met the team, you should make your way to these talks and conferences.

8 Must-See Sessions

Accelerating change and understanding the long-term impacts of AI & machine learning | Wednesday, September 4th at 11:30 am

Learn how Scandinavian Airlines has implemented AI-powered automation programs and how they're ensuring the quality of their data sets to power their machine learning.

How Finnair is using NDC, data science and chatbots to deliver next gen distribution? | Wednesday, September 4th at 2:30 pm

Find out what will be the role of voice technology in the future, and how companies will use data science to improve personalization.

How can we successfully balance AI, social listening and human responses via airline social media teams in an industry that is fast paced, unpredictable and global? | Wednesday, September 4th at 2:55 pm

Learn how global airlines can tackle the challenges of dealing with customer complaints using a combination of AI and human teams.

Keynote interview: Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet | Thursday, September 5th at 8:55 am

Go listen to easyJet CEO, Johan Lundgren, explain how he's using analytics to power the creation of the company's new long-term strategy.

What can airlines do to optimise customer support costs, increase revenue & build loyalty using AI? | Thursday, September 5th at 11:20 am

Low cost leadership through a Digital Lens with Wizz Air | Thursday, September 5th at 2:40 pm

Learn how to directly engage and sell to customers, create scalable self-service options, and build a strong foundation of well-connected enterprise platforms.

From flying planes to flying people - how Lufthansa Groups transforms the way it creates future products, services and experiences for more than 140 million guests each year | Friday, September 6th at 12:25

See how Lufthansa Group is transforming itself to improve loyalty and increase revenues with experience design; a human-centric mindset that aims to make passengers' experiences as seamless as possible.

The development of innovative, digital parking systems for increased business intelligence |  Friday, September 6th at 2:00 pm

Improving the parking experience is only the beginning. Discover how leveraging data and AI allows for a better parking experience, more personalized retail offers, and the potential for improved revenues.

Try out your own personalized chatbot

Our team will be here to answer any of your questions about chatbots and how they can help your airline scale down its customer support team and boost your customer satisfaction.

Even better, we've made a personalized chatbot just for you. That's right, instead of a generic demo, we want you to see how the chatbot will look and act on your website. So, if you're working at an airline, your custom-made bot is waiting at Booth 41A. Don't believe us? Then you really need to come by. If you want the VIP treatment, you can book a time.

After Hours Parties

After a long day of presentations, you deserve a break. Come relax and have a drink with us on Wednesday, September 4th at 5:30 PM. We've set up a happy hour event. It's an exclusive event though so if you want to join us, you need to RSVP right away!

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