Reaching the next level of customer service automation with Sabre

Quote from Pernille Vaupel, Director, Air and Online Sales at Kilroy
Jul 22, 2020
Bonnie Bailly
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Big news from Mindsay! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Sabre, the leading global travel software and technology provider, to create a powerful chatbot solution that allows airlines, OTAs, and TMCs to automate and enhance their customer service.

Now more than ever, travel brands need to be operationally efficient while also providing timely and smooth customer experiences. As the only conversational AI technology that’s seamlessly integrated with Sabre, Mindsay's intelligent virtual agents are fully connected with Sabre's APIs, giving travel companies the ability to automatically resolve a variety of customer requests, from simple FAQs to complex booking modifications.

After months of work from the Sabre and Mindsay teams, Sabre’s APIs combined with Mindsay's conversational interface now lets travel companies automatically resolve up to 70% of customer requests, significantly reducing call and live chat volumes. With bots handling the majority of common customer queries, travel agents can focus on solving the most urgent and complex requests. With our integrations with support platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, and Genesys, Mindsay allows travel agents to seamlessly enter and exit conversations, ensuring efficient customer service. Companies can now deliver better service at a fraction of the cost by providing the optimal mix of self-service and human interaction.

You can see Mindsay and Sabre in action at Kilroy, the first travel company to use Mindsay, Sabre, and Zendesk to automate a variety of customer requests including:

(You can get a demo of these use cases here!)

Kilroy Bot In Action

Marcos Pinedo, VP Partner Solutions at Sabre added, “Mindsay is an innovative partner with a shared focus on delivering a next generation shopping experience to travellers. The new chatbot solution will help automatically resolve routine traveller requests, enabling our travel agency customers to focus on delivering expertise and solving more complex traveller demands."

To see the solution for yourself, contact

We partnered with Mindsay because of its seamless integration with Sabre and ability to quickly deliver a chatbot to assist our travelers, who now get instant answers and avoid wait times. The aim is not only to increase efficiency but even more so to improve customer satisfaction by providing quick answers to their needs.
Director, Air and Online Sales
Pernille Vaupel
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