Mindsay featured as launch partner for Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Bot Marketplace

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Nov 12, 2020
Bonnie Bailly
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We’re excited to announce that Mindsay is a featured launch partner for the Zendesk Bot Partner Marketplace. This new initiative enables companies to unlock powerful conversational use cases and extend Zendesk’s messaging experience.

With just a few clicks, companies can integrate Mindsay bots seamlessly into Zendesk Support Suite and Sunshine Conversations. From travel to banking, insurance, telecom, utilities, and retail, we are working with companies to create bots that integrate into their business systems to handle industry-specific use cases, ensuring they can deliver the effortless experiences their customers want, when they want them.

Mindsay’s integration with Sunshine Conversations allows companies to:

  • Easily connect their bots to a variety of channels including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and more
  • Deploy bots with pre-built use cases and a wide range of messaging capabilities
  • Integrate with industry-specific and proprietary business systems
  • Reduce costs and bring bots to market faster

Mindsay bots are giving customer service teams the ability to scale with less. France’s national rail carrier, SNCF, needed to provide faster support to impatient passengers through its mobile app. Adding more support staff to deal with the around-the-clock demands was too costly. SNCF’s support team was already using Zendesk to manage and respond to customer requests. Mindsay’s seamless integration with Zendesk was the perfect solution, allowing SNCF to take the pressure off its overwhelmed agents by deploying a chatbot that automatically helps customers find travel itineraries, get departure information, and create alerts. This led to a 50% reduction in incoming support tickets.

If you’re looking to unlock powerful conversational use cases for Zendesk messaging, send a message to zendesk@mindsay.com!

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