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automate customer experience with Mindsay and redk
Jun 21, 2021
Bonnie Bailly
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According to Zendesk's 2021 Customer Experience Trends Report, customers prefer brands that provide 24/7 proactive support, quick resolutions, service on their preferred channels, and helpful and empathetic agents. To say that customer experience and support are key drivers of brand loyalty in 2021 would be an understatement.

The future of customer service

With the world stuck at home in 2020, people began interacting with brands via messaging channels in record numbers. AI chatbots in particular have seen a huge surge in popularity, with customer interactions surging 81% in 2020. Consumers love that they can turn to a brand’s chatbot to get fast and accurate answers at any time of day. When more complex issues arise, chatbots can also loop in agents to give the kind of assistance that only humans can provide. Chatbots are now vital for companies to scale operations, reduce the demand on agents, and provide the fast and convenient experiences that customers have come to know and expect.

A partnership dedicated to customer service automation

Mindsay has recently joined forces with redk to deliver best-in-class customer experience automation. The partnership combines redk’s over 15 years of experience in digital transformation with Mindsay’s leading intelligent automation platform to help customers improve and automate customer experience with an omnichannel messaging strategy. Integrating AI chatbot technology with CRM and other systems allows companies to deliver the innovative, always-on service and experience their customers expect.

Our approach to automation ensures automation projects are deployed effectively and implemented for maximum ROI. From scoping to implementation, service, ongoing support, and continuous optimization, redk and Mindsay ensure companies succeed in transforming customer experience and driving operational efficiency.

"We’re thrilled about our partnership with redk. We share similar DNA in our approach to customer experience automation and digital transformation. Mindsay’s technology integrates with the major CRM platforms to empower agents to seamlessly flow in and out of conversations, ensuring flawless and efficient customer service.” - Guillaume Laporte, Co-founder & CEO, Mindsay
“redk’s partnership with Mindsay allows us to integrate powerful chatbot technology within any project in order to improve customer experience with personalized customer service. Mindsay’s AI chatbots are able to respond simply and efficiently to the individual needs of each customer.” - Hideki E. Hashimura, Founding Partner & CMO, redk

Mindsay and redk have already worked together to launch a chatbot on Whatsapp for Baleária, a leading Spanish transport company, and we are quickly expanding our partnership to serve more companies across industries throughout Europe.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in automation and digital transformation, Mindsay and redk can integrate chatbot technology into your CRM solution to improve customer experience and your teams’ efficiency.

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