How to create eCommerce chatbots that delight your customers and improve efficiency

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Dec 13, 2021
Lucas Sabatier
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What are eCommerce chatbots and why are they important?

An eCommerce bot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that allows online retailers to help their customers throughout their shopping journey. eCommerce bots can be deployed on many channels, from chat and voice assistants on websites and mobile apps to social media, voice devices, and more. Moreover, these conversational commerce bots can and should be plugged into CRM and live chat systems to ensure eCommerce businesses provide the personalized, efficient service their customers expect.

With online shopping as popular and competitive as it is today, eCommerce chatbots play a crucial role in a brand’s success when it comes to serving and retaining customers. Bots shouldn’t simply be an add-on or “nice to have” part of customer support strategies. On the contrary, AI chatbots should be at the very core of customer service strategies, offering personalized shopping experiences to all customers every step of the way.

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they have the guidance of a smart virtual assistant. Bots can provide product recommendations based on customer data from CRM systems, immediately answering any customer concerns about sizes, returns, delivery times, and so much more. This means fewer abandoned carts and bigger purchases at the time of checkout.

An eCommerce chatbot also provides customer support 24/7, bringing shopper wait times down to seconds. This is also beneficial to customer service agents, who can now spend their time on more complex, value-added tasks. A lot of people think chatbots are out to replace human agents, when in fact, they do the opposite. They amplify agents’ effectiveness and act more like agent assistants, qualifying complex customer requests so that the agent can resolve them quickly. Having trouble retaining your customer service agents? Bots will only make your agents happier at work and more effective in serving customers.

How to create effective eCommerce chatbots

At Mindsay, we have a simple and efficient approach to creating eCommerce chatbots. With the fierce competition out there, eCommerce brands have no time to waste. However, they still should not sacrifice quality when it comes to chatbot implementation. 

With Mindsay’s no-code chatbot launcher and library of eCommerce use cases, we’ve cracked the code when it comes to launching powerful, accurate eCommerce chatbots extremely fast (see the success story from one online store in the next section).

For mid-size eCommerce brands, our “walk before your run” methodology is paying huge dividends. In less than one week, our Product Builders deliver a first version of the chatbot on key channels. They draw on the use case store we’ve created for eCommerce companies, which includes basic FAQ use cases (no APIs needed), use cases that require connecting to CRMs or other back-end systems, as well as use cases that require a handover to live chat platforms, like Zendesk, Salesforce, Genesys, and a whole lot more.

In parallel, we train the company’s customer service team to become autonomous in managing their chatbot. We have a comprehensive training program as well as robust product documentation that includes both step-by-step video tutorials and advanced guides to help with more complex implementations. Within the first week, customers can learn to build their widget, create basic use cases with our flow builder, and even connect APIs, depending on their existing technical knowledge.

Once the first version of the bot is live, the customer can then use it as a solid base from which to build out more use cases and expand the scope of the bot. For eCommerce brands, this usually means connecting to their CRM or order tracking system, or launching on other messaging apps, like Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, and more.

Brands can also easily deploy their bot in many different languages in just minutes. Having a multilingual chatbot is key for international brands that want to deliver top-notch customer service at scale in many countries and languages. It goes without saying that customers want to speak with you in their native language.

Case study: How espaceplaisir easily managed a surge in volume during Black Friday week with an eCommerce chatbot

A perfect example of a retailer who put our eCommerce bot to work for their brand is espaceplaisir, an online shop specialized in the sale of adult products dedicated to pleasure and well-being.

In just one week, espaceplaisir worked with Mindsay to launch an eCommerce chatbot composed of 25 use cases, which allowed them to automatically answer customer inquiries about payments, delivery, returns, store info, promotion, gift guides, and order tracking. They also connected their bot to their Zendesk live chat and ticketing system, so that agents can enter the chat when necessary or leverage the bot to gather the information they need to more efficiently resolve customer requests.

espaceplaisir launched their bot right before Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. During this period, they were able to effortlessly manage a huge surge in customer demands by having a chatbot on the front lines of customer support.

If the numbers aren’t impressive enough, in just a week, their Customer Happiness Manager was able to build use cases connected to their Zendesk platform completely autonomously. Beyond having agent live chat and support ticket creation integrated with the chatbot, espaceplaisir also has agent call back functionality which can be triggered from the bot. The customer simply leaves their phone number and an agent will call them back shortly, eliminating wait times.

What espaceplaisir achieved in just a week is very impressive, but the good news is that most ecommerce brands can achieve similar results by focusing on integrating a chatbot into the heart of their customer service strategy.

If you want to learn more about how to build powerful eCommerce bots on our no-code automation platform AND train your business users to be autonomous on the platform, reach out to us via this form. We’d be thrilled to show you what we can do for your eCommerce brand.

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