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Champagne toast to the new year
Jan 8, 2021
Bonnie Bailly
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2020 kicked us in the teeth. We had to lay off employees, lost a few customers, had many projects put on hold, and missed physically celebrating so many important personal and professional achievements and milestones with our colleagues. Thankfully, everyone at Mindsay is safe and healthy. Despite the challenges, we’re so grateful for this insane year that pushed us to our limits, showed us the power of persistence and resilience, and made us stronger than ever before.

2020 also proved that our mission to enable companies to provide simple and efficient customer interactions at any time is more mission-critical than ever - “simple" for end customers to have smooth, personalized experiences, and “efficient” for the company’s customer service team to provide them.

We’re so proud of the Mindsay team who worked incredibly hard to bring this simplicity and efficiency to so many customer service teams in 2020. Mindsay is more ready than ever to take on 2021 and show more companies the power of our customer service automation solution. But first, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate a few of the team’s great achievements in 2020:

Provided complimentary COVID bots to the travel industry

When travel came to a sudden halt in March 2020 and we saw our travel customers and partners forced to furlough staff and cut budgets, we wanted to do our part to help. We quickly developed a COVID-19 chatbot that allowed travel companies to reduce the strain on their customer support centers by automatically resolving their most common customer requests. Have a look at how companies used our free bots in 2020.

Expanded to new industries

Did you know that Mindsay now delivers powerful automation solutions to companies across many industries? We’ve been the leading conversational AI platform for the travel industry for the past few years, working with travel brands like CWT, Iberia, Accor, Voyage Prive, and more. It was always in our plans to expand to new industries, and the COVID crisis gave us the opportunity to accelerate our expansion and start serving new industries. Check out the use cases we automate for industries like banking, insurance, telecom, eCommerce, and utilities.

Strengthened partnerships, notably with Sabre and Zendesk

2020 was definitely the year of partnerships for Mindsay. We strengthened our integrations and relationships with many technology partners and system integrators, bringing powerful process automation to more brands. We’re particularly proud of the customer service automation solution we launched with Sabre, the leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry. Mindsay is the only conversational AI platform fully connected with Sabre’s APIs, giving Sabre customers the ability to automatically resolve a variety of requests, from simple FAQs to complex booking modifications. We also strengthened our integration with Zendesk, as one of the first bot partners at the launch of their Sunshine Conversations Bot Marketplace in November 2020.

Launched the Mindsay Training Academy and new Product Documentation

Our customers and partners asked, and we delivered! Building, deploying, and optimizing powerful AI chatbots is now easier than ever, thanks to the Mindsay Academy, our new comprehensive training hub of deep-dive bot-bot building courses. Our customers can complete the full 10-hour program to become an expert bot builder, or simply choose the courses they need. We also revamped our Product Documentation, providing detail on each feature in Mindsay’s platform, quick video tutorials on how to build and improve your bot, and API references to allow you to easily connect to any platform.

Brought many new features to market

Our 2020 product roadmap focused on making customer service automation and bot building as simple and efficient as possible for our customers. The launch of our no-code use case builder gave our customers much more autonomy in expanding their bot capabilities. With no technical skills, business users can add new use cases to their bot in minutes, serving end customers just as fast. We also launched a new language management feature that allows our customers to create bots in many languages with incredible ease and efficiency.

Ranked as a leading Bot Platform, again and again

For four consecutive quarters, Mindsay was ranked a leading Bot Platform by G2 based on reviews from our customers. Our clients consistently mentioned the ease of setup, high quality of support, and generally love of doing business with Mindsay. Moreover, in December, we were thrilled to be recognized as the standout bot platform by Journal du Net, alongside fierce competitors like IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow.

What a year it was! 2021, we’re ready and we’re coming for you!

PS - be sure to check out our brand new interactive homepage to see our customer service automation platform in action!

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