Conversational AI News: Mindsay’s Summer Recap & Fall Teaser

Mindsay's Summer Recap and Fall Teaser
Sep 24, 2020
Bonnie Bailly
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As we jump into Fall and close out the insane year that is 2020 with a bang, we wanted to take a minute to recap a few of the conversational AI highlights from this summer that the Mindsay team is particularly proud of:

Creating a complimentary customer support bot for over 15 travel brands

When travel came to a sudden halt and we saw our travel customers and partners (and ourselves) forced to furlough staff and cut budgets, we developed a ready-to-use COVID-19 customer support bot to help travel brands get through the difficult time. The bot allowed them to resolve many of the coronavirus-related customer questions to reduce strain on their customer support centers. Over 15 travel brands are using our bots (free of charge through 2020) to continue to help them to manage the large number of customer requests.

Learn more about the 5 customer service use cases travel brands are resolving with Mindsay bots.

Giving customers more autonomy to create and maintain bots

With more companies realizing that automation is mission critical to their businesses, we’ve been focused on allowing customer service and sales teams to use our platform by themselves. In the end, we want automating customer service and sales processes to be simple. 

We were excited to release our no-code Use Case Builder a few weeks ago. The Use Case Builder gives business users the ability to create and update customer-facing bots in minutes. Check out some of the use cases that customers in different industries are building with Mindsay.

Partnering with Sabre’s industry-leading GDS to build better travel chatbots

Mindsay and Sabre launched a customer service automation solution for airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs), and travel management companies (TMCs). As the only conversational AI technology that’s seamlessly integrated with Sabre, Mindsay’s intelligent virtual agents are fully connected with Sabre’s APIs, allowing them to automatically resolve requests ranging from simple FAQs to complex booking modifications.

Our joint solution is already being used by travel companies to automate and enhance their customer service processes. KILROY International was one of the first Sabre customers to take advantage of the program. Pernille Vaupel, the Director of Air & Online Sales at KILROY, said, “We partnered with Mindsay because of its seamless integration with Sabre and ability to quickly deliver a chatbot to assist our travelers, who now get instant answers and avoid wait times. The aim is not only to increase efficiency but even more so to improve customer satisfaction by providing quick answers to their needs.” You can learn more here.

Becoming a leading Bot Platform and #1 Bot Platform in Europe

More great news, we’re kicking off the Fall as a leader in G2’s Fall 2020 Bot Platform category and the #1 ranked Bot Platform in Europe. You can discover why Mindsay is the go-to customer service automation solution here. 

Stay tuned, there’s some more exciting coming announcements in October (Spoiler: they’re about partnerships and product developments)! ✌️

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