Build a chatbot simply and efficiently with Mindsay’s Flow Builder

build a chatbot with a flow builder
Apr 7, 2021
Bonnie Bailly
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Mindsay is on a mission to make automation simple and efficient for customer service teams. We empower business teams with a simple yet powerful no-code environment to build their own conversational AI. For more technical profiles, our solution also provides advanced capabilities to create complex, connected flows in a low-code environment.

Check out our short 1-minute explainer video to understand how Mindsay allows you to connect with your users, cut down response times, and improve customer experiences, with a personalized 24/7 customer service bot that can be up and running in just a few days.

Mindsay’s flow builder is designed to minimize the cost of entry for any company looking to build smart, powerful automation, without having to understand the complex logic that lies behind AI chatbots. While our no-code use case builder has already helped hundreds of business users build bots better and faster, our flow builder is another giant leap towards greater autonomy and faster time to value for any company trying to scale their customer service.

Some features and benefits of our flow builder include:

Simple no-code build experience

Our flow builder lets you easily build and visualize your customer interactions. From there, editing and improving conversational flows is even easier.

Create flows on any channel

Design conversational flows on any channel. Mindsay chatbots connect to many user channels, including websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, voice, and more. If there is an API, your customer interactions on Mindsay can connect to it.

Conversational IVR-ready

Our flow builder can also be used to create and manage Voicebots. Mindsay’s conversational IVR system resolves issues and routes calls to decrease wait times and improve customer satisfaction.

And remember, our flow builder (now in beta) is just one component of our comprehensive conversational AI platform. When you build a chatbot with Mindsay, you have access to all of our intuitive yet powerful modules, including analytics, robust chatbot building components, user channel integrations, bot training, developer tools, and more. Contact us here to get started!

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