Helping is
the new selling

Be there for your customers on their favorite messaging channels in their language. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Mindsay Conversational AI

Always be there for your customers.

Bots that do more than FAQs

While automating frequently asked questions is the first step, Mindsay bots can do much more. Use your existing data to automate all of your level-1 support requests.

Import your existing data

Train your bot to be ready from day 1 using the data you already have.

Pull answers from any source

Centralize all your bot’s answers in the system of choice.

Dynamic content
on any channel

Your bot isn’t restricted to plain text. Use images, buttons, sliders, videos, or maps to answer your customers’ questions.

Add content without code

Add, remove, or modify all types of content in a human-friendly interface.

Import your content from anywhere

Our conversational AI platform connects to any API to retrieve content from your CMS, CRM, or database.

Rich use cases

Speak your customers’ language

Our NLP models focus on chains of characters, not languages. That means we can train your bot to understand any language. 

Automatic translation

We automatically translate training data into your desired languages so your bot will be ready to speak your customers’ language.

Human verification

Our translations are reviewed and verified by human native speakers so you can be confident that they’re perfect.

Seamlessly loop in a human agent

Requests sometimes require a human touch. Mindsay bots allow your human support agents to seamlessly enter the conversation to resolve the issue. 

Set handover rules

Create a set of rules that determine when a conversation should be transferred to a human agent.

Use the support tools you know

Bots should simplify your agents’ work. Our bots seamlessly integrate with your existing support tools to create a seamless handover.

Mindsay integrations

Provide excellent customer care around the clock