Helping is
the new selling

Don’t leave your customers in doubt.
Be there for them, 24/7, in multiple languages and on their favorite messaging channels.

Mindsay Conversational AI

Be there for your customers. Always.

Connected Services Beyond FAQs

Automating frequent questions is the first step towards an automated customer care experience.

Import your training data

Kickstart the use cases using human training data you already have.

Retrieve answers from any knowledge base

Centralize all the answers in one system (CMS, CSV, Servers), yours or ours you choose.

Rich content
for every channel

Use images, buttons, sliders, videos, maps or just plain text. Deliver information in a variety of ways for your customers.

Add any content without coding

We’ve designed an interface for your teams to add, modify and enrich content.

Retrieve your content from anywhere

The platform connects to any APIs in order to retrieve the content from your CMS, CRM or any database.

Rich use cases

We are Global! Are you?

Our NLP models focus on chains of characters. They don’t look at the languages: we can train your bot to understand any given language. 

Automatic translation

We can automatically translate the training data into the desired language for your bot.

Verification by humans

The challenge is to have humans to verify that the content is perfect for your customers in every languages.

Human in the loop, when required

When the bot has not been trained to answer a specific question, allow your human agents to take over the conversation. 

Set dynamic rules

We have defined with our customers a set of rules to determine when the conversation should be handed over to an agent.

Your agents keep the same tools

We believe bots should enhance your agents’ work. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with your tools, for a seamless handover.

Mindsay integrations

Be available 24/7 with Mindsay