Enhance passengers’ journey to boost in-airport sales

Boost retail and parkings revenue with personalized service from Mindsay’s chatbots.

better customer experience

Improve customer service with fewer support staff

Be there to answer instantly any question without additional staff. Mindsay chatbots inform your travelers about:


Flight statuses and schedules



Restrictions, dimensions, animals, and lost luggage


Airport transport options

Shuttles, and taxi prices

Increase in-airport sales with instant, personalized service

Keep travelers engaged and generate additional sales with Mindsay chatbots :


Increase parking revenues

Bookings, reservations, proximity, prices


Boost indirect in-airport sales

Restaurants, kiosks, retail


Assist people

With disablities or who require special attention


Conversion on parking reservations

“We increased our parking reservation conversions by 30%.”

Damien Neri

E-commerce Manager

sell more ancillaries

Connect with your travelers seamlessly

Mindsay chatbots are: 


Easily adaptable to any language


Integrated with every channel

Messenger, Whatsapp, App, Website…

Upgrade your travelers experience with Mindsay