Scale down your customer support team while increasing the quality of service

Mindsay’s chatbots handle the most frequently asked questions so your agents have the bandwidth to provide exceptional service across a fewer requests

Significantly reduce the size of your call centers

Eliminate costly call centers and low quality customer service with Mindsay chatbots


Cut inquiries volume by 60%


Reduce average handling time


Increase your reach


Save hundreds of thousands a year by automating your common uses cases


Of requests automated

“Mindsay allows us to greatly reduce the number of calls received by our customer support agents.”

Gabriel Perdiguero

Chief Transformation Officer

Easily integrates with your GDS to serve and upsell passengers

Our chatbots are tailor-made to help airlines improve customer service while reducing customer requests and the need for costly call centers. Mindsay’s chatbots are:


Pre-trained to handle over 300 of the most common, value-added scenarios


Able to connect with every major GDS


NDC compliant

sell more ancillaries

Connect with your passengers and agents on any platform

Mindsay’s chatbots seamlessly integrate with:


Messenger, Whatsapp, App, Website


Genesys, Salesforce, and Zendesk live chat solutions

Offer First-Class customer support at scale with Mindsay