Reduce your customer support costs with Mindsay’s self-learning chatbots

Resolve customer problems without customer support agents

Automatically answer the most frequently asked questions

Mindsay’s self-learning chatbots are there to answer your customer requests 24/7. Our chatbots provide instant, accurate answers about:


Flight Statuses


Check-in information


Baggage information


Necessary travel documents


How to pay - and much more!


Of requests automated

« Mindsay allows us to reduce the large number of low value calls received by our call centers. »

Gabriel Perdiguero

Chief Transformation Officer

Let bots handle the basic questions

Reduce incoming requests to your customer service team by up to 60% without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Mindsay’s AI-powered chatbots take care of your customers so you’ll be able to scale down your customer support team.

sell more ancillaries

Easy, automated upselling

Give customers the power to easily manage their bookings and buy upgrades for their flight without needing to talk to a support agent:


Purchase flight upgrades


Flight check-in


Change or cancel flights


Update baggage allowances

Offer First-Class customer support at scale with Mindsay