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Deliver exceptional customer self-service with Mindsay's no-code conversational AI platform.

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Be where your customers are

Mindsay’s AI chatbot can handle thousands of use cases, including the most complex requests, across many channels, from applications to social media.

Allowing you to automate up to 80% of support requests.

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We get alongwith everyone

Connect your virtual assistant to the tools you use every day. We integrate with customer service, eCommerce, travel, and other systems to provide seamless experiences for both your customers and agents.

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Don’t take our word for it

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"Comprehensive, logical UI. Great implementation and development support from Mindsay's team."
francis hardy wizz air
Francis Hardy
Senior Delivery Manager
“Mindsay makes us feel like NASA engineers. We love to say that we launch rockets when we launch new use cases.”
Nathalie Muller
Nathalie Müller
Head of Quality & Digital Customer Service
"Go for Mindsay without any hesitation. Trust their experience and ability to create game-changing bots."
Karine Avanthay Headshot
Karine Avanthay
Marketing Manager
"Among the best collaborations with a partner company. Mindsay is in a different league compared to other bot vendors.”
Stephan Krämer Headshot
Stephan Krämer
Customer Service Program Manager
"Our chatbot has greatly reduced the number of tickets we're getting on Zendesk. We've already reached our goal of 50% fewer tickets."
Fanny Blandenet Headshot
Fanny Blandenet
Transversal Project Manager
"The implementation of our chatbot has allowed us to reduce incoming requests by 40% on certain use cases."
gaetan bultez ratp
Gaetan Bultez
Customer Service Manager
"Thanks to Mindsay chatbot, customers can now quickly and easily get answers to their questions without the need to connect to the customer service agents."
david micka
David Mička
Product Manager
"The bot is now automatically handling a lot of requests, so customer gets immediate answers and no longer need to wait for an agent.”
isabel iberia express
Isabel Rodriguez
Head of Analytics, Digital Marketing & e-commerce
“Mindsay is a partner you can count on. Their platform is easy to use and adapts to your needs.”
Josefien Essimel Headshot
Josefien Essimel
Customer Service Manager
"Mindsay's innovative chatbot platform ensures we're staying on the cutting edge of customer service improvements and go the extra miles for our customers."
Paula Aduana-So Headshot
Paula Aduana-So
Operations Manager
"Thanks to the chatbot, the performance of our agents has drastically improved so that response times are now below industry average."
Rémi Vanbroeckhoven Headshot
Rémi Vanbroeckhoven
Digital Product Owner

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