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Hello 🙂I’d like to get a seat with more legroom.

You can upgrade to a first row seat with more legroom for $22.99. Would you like to proceed.

Yes, let’s do that!

Keep customers happy with personalized service

Hello 👋 is my flight on time ?

Your flight n°AF6567 is on time and will depart from gate 3, terminal 2C in two hours.

Amazing, thanks.

Be where
your customers are

People want personalized, instantaneous relationships with their favorite brands. Give them what they want, when they want it, on their preferred channels.


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"We increased conversions on Parking reservations by 30%"

Damien Néri
Project Manager @Lyon Airport

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"We have divided by two the number of ticket requests our customer support team receive on Zendesk"

Christine Daugeron
Mobile App Director @SNCF

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"We recommend Mindsay for their support, their perfect understanding of our needs and their reactivity"

Patricia Delon
Marketing Director @Ratp

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