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acephalist on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
I saw this today and thought of you:

schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Positive attitude? Check. Lecture notes? Check. Glock 9mm? Gotta have it.
misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Hard to believe I didn't get a single vote on 17 FUKUKU. Writing is so fun—you never know what will touch somebody and what will not. But, hey, 17 I am fond of! Ego, I concede. Hope you're happy, Adam Let me know if ever I can do for you. Uncle Robert
schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
I voted it, Robert. Your writing is a real consolation. The longer entries, I should note, are not as easy to glance over and make a quick comment about, which is a good thing.
misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Thanks, Adam, the holidays are approaching, and I'm eager to get together with all the local skanks!
misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Hey, Adam, Sarah and I both really enjoyed your list of 25 personal things. As for teaching, don't let your part-time status undermine your determination to ignite your students' curiosity. It's natural to feel pissed off. Nothing at all wrong with that. Don't give more to your teaching than you can. Nothing wrong with that either. Find your center. Maintain your equanimity. Protect and preserve your sanity and inner peace. But when you teach and read and mark papers, get hold of their souls and, with empathy, shake them. Anything less will infect and weaken your own self-esteem. I'm proud of you! I love you.
schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Thanks much, Mister Skank. You're right; my relationship with the students hasn't changed.

Somehow I lucked out this quarter -- not a single English 101, our intensive comp class. I do have two remedial classes, but only five total students! I do short answer exams and short papers in the lit and film classes. I just got some important gossip information for a coworker -- the new administrator guy is limiting the adjunct faculties' courses to four (I have five now). Time to jump ship, if I can.

You were clairvoyant when I asked, "What can an administrator really do?"

"Well, they can fire you!" you said.
Banned808 on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Listen to the last minutes of a soldiers life. This is what the  Republicans want for your children! PASS IT ON!

Republicans are Obsolete!

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