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misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Your job must be going fairly well; you haven't been blogging about it. How 'bout an update? I'm between quarters, already looking forward to spring and summer.
schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Work is going well. The end of the quarter comes fast. I've got research papers to have students write -- I'm making them "stunted" a bit (lessen the pain).

I started the semester without much real preparation or understanding. At UofA, I would assign readings in American lit, do a 10-minute lecture with a powerpoint, read them in class, lead discussion, then have students write papers about the readings, or the "classic" American film I'd show them.

That model just can't work here. I spent the first part of the quarter using my "greatest hits" teaching sessions -- clips from Pretty Woman, Apocalypse Now, "Barbie Doll" poem by Marge Piercy, "Red Wheelbarrow" by W.C.Williams, that old student paper of yours, "My Best Friend."

Lately I've been making inroads to follow the textbooks more, but it's a little late.

However, I've been managing to keep students relatively engaged in long four-hour blocks, or at least it feels like it. I make them close their laptops, which is a constant pain, but I do it.

I'm getting to be a better teacher, I am sure. And I enjoy it a lot.

We'll talk more about this stuff over Christmas, when I too will have time off. Currently I've got four more weeks of classes to teach. And my college demands a 24-hour final grade turnover time!

misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Happy Birthday, My Friend! And Many Many More! Love You --
schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
chardinsgodot on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
How do you hypertext?

ventures on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Have you had a chance to look at our business?


xtranaut on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
"The Great Squanderer, ineed"....and one arrogant rat bas---d who has no problem stomping all over the constitution and the American people to gain more power and wealth. The Bushes are all conquerers for

the greater cause (The Illuminati), and on a revelaed level, THE PNAC, to establish the New World Order

that Mr. George "Spook" Bush spoke of in his 1993 speech.

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