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amitaf on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
hi nice pet.
misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Just looked at your profile. You're overdue for an update. I forget about mine, too, though at my age things don't change much.
stateofwar on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
So you are a grad student? I see that you're also married. Is it difficult being married and going to grad school?


How do you pay for school?


Sorry for all the questions, just curious, as I'm trying to figure out whta it might be like... my email is, anything you can tell me would be appreciated!



misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
I'll bet that today you miss the weather in Tucson!
schencka on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
Today, and only for the last 120 days.
misterskank on
Re: Schencka's Wiki Page
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