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If you like bloggers that can actually make you laugh when they tell you about their everyday life, you should probably read Myclette's blog.

Plus she's hot as hell!




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Andreux on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
1. What book took you on the greatest journey?

A Separate Peace 'cause I really enjoyed thinking that Finny & Gene had some hot, raw man-sex lol

2. What's the most awkward confrontation you've ever had?

My offended father burst into my room after he heard me in my room talking trash about him to my mother, his ex-wife, via mobile. To say the least, we both did not know how to tactfully handle that situation. It was so bad, the cops were called. AWKWARD.

3. Have you ever hallucinated? If so, how/ why?

I see some mirages from time to time. Otherwise, nah.

4. How broke have you been?

Oh, I had no money to my name. I was at the mercy of everyone around me.

5. What trip would you take: anywhere on Earth, right this instant, but for only 1 hour..?

I think I would go to Australia just to say that I have been. I have no interest, so I would save a real trip for somewhere I want to really go.

6. What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

FISH. Any type of fish.

7. What's the sickest you've ever been?

This is a tie between two instances. Once, I had mono & strep at the same time. I know what & WHO caused the mono, though the boy tried denying it several times (that bastard). Or, once, I walked around freezing London with my jacket open, and lo & behold, I should have listened to mother 'cause I had bronchitis for a week after that. It was horrible!

8. Who is your favorite artist? Why?

Gauguin 'cause I always liked the fact that he relocated, he went to find that sweeter path of life among the island peoples... I believe it was Tahiti... at least, I hope it was lol -- plus, I always liked his Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

9. What's the stupidest law? Why?

Oh, this definitely has to be anti-gay marriage laws. Otherwise, I can live with the legal drinking age, I guess, though I think that it is still stupid, but laws regulating gay marriage are the STUPIDEST.

10. If you won millions, to what cause would you give the most?

I am not too familiar with organisations, so I will just name a general cause that I like. I would support women in this nation becoming strong & important leaders. We NEED a female president badly. So I guess essentially, I would provide a programme for women to attend leadership courses or something.
premierejan on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Have a great weekend!

myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Thanks! You too!
eyeswideopen on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
i dont want ya to get involved with the drama ma'am..i already feel badly about it..
myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
It's pretty crazy. Why should you feel bad about anything hon?
eyeswideopen on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
I just feel bad because i feel like i'm starting it all..i didn't call him names, ya know? i just said what i thought. then he called me an idiot..and all those other stuff..i was so upset..
myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
He's a jackass and a pretty pitiful one at that. He's throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler at bedtime.
eyeswideopen on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
but that doesnt validate me doing what i did..i dont know. a part of me feels, yeah you had to do it, then a part of me saids. that was stupid you could've handled it differently.
myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Well he pissed you off and you lashed back at him.  It's hard not to retalliate when someone attacks you.  The difference is you have to make your attack sting harder. He's probably used to being called names, but notice how I hit him with guilt by saying he's sullying his own message by being an asshole?  That gets a dig in worse than me just calling him an asshole outright.
eyeswideopen on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
i already told him we disagree..i know that we won't, ya know? although he did own up to being an asshole..

yeah i did notice it...i said "uh oh..." when i read that..i just dont want you to get involved in all of 'that' mess...
myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
You're a sweetheart. Thanks for being a decent person.  Don't worry about me though, I'm a hard ass.
eyeswideopen on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
eh, I'm just a girl doing the best i can!

lol ok hun. i know you're friends with pimpy-licious.
environgirl on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
ugh! when are you gonna do my wiki page?
myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
When my presshuh goes down damn it!
wakemeup on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
myclette, soul shaker is in trouble and i mean life and death.

everyone knows you and you are so well liked.  if you will, please read my last post and pass its message on.   use your beauty and talent and humanity to call on each of us to reach out to a suffering human being who is virtually alone in the world, save for us folks here on this site.    from my heart, mare/wakemeup

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