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If you like bloggers that can actually make you laugh when they tell you about their everyday life, you should probably read Myclette's blog.

Plus she's hot as hell!




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Andreux on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You're a great thinker and a true philosopher.

You'd make a talented professor or writer.

myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Once again we have the same results!
Andreux on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
No one ever showed me this, but your Shatner had me roaring:

ohhhhh, I need to head to Houston so0o0o0on..!!!!
quellyq on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Your link was exactly what I was talking about, this man is several frys short of a happy meal. WRONG DOGS for the job, plain & simple, & it was an English Mastiff, not an English bulldog, that I saw get into the truck, which broke my heart, since I own one.They are NOT guard dog material. They need love, lots of it, from their master, but being a rich actor, I'm quite sure he didn't want hair on his carpets.He makes me sick, for the murder of the man, & the dogs, most likely. This article is EXACTLY what I was referring to. Love, QuellyQ
quellyq on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Hi hon,

He may not have been home, but my point is his negligence in picking the wrong dogs for the job (I have an English &  friends with BullMastiffs, they are people dogs, not met for guarding, which is what he used them for), so while they sat alone with no love (obviously, or they wouldn't have killed the handler). I want the votes to get on the top blog list to embarras this man, who I used to love, but I'll never watch his movies again,& several others are joining me, because whether home or not, he picked the wrong dogs for guard dogs, & if they were left with no love, you bet they were mean, starved for love. Had I trained those dogs (I'd pick other breeds for the job, but then I know a lot more, obviously than he does), & the handler & the dogs wouldn't have died for his lack of responsibility. I'm done with this actor, who I used to love, & I'm trying with all my might to publicly embarras him, to the best of my ability. The handler was killed, they said, by 2 of the dogs. I have an English Mastiff, & he spends every moment with me. They were not met to be guard dogs. They were used in ancient days to hunt lions, & they fought with honor wearing armour beside their owner, to the death, when you get into their ancient history. I'd love to personally confront this man, & maybe educate him, but now he's gonna be hit with a wrongful death suit, for the dead handler, & the dogs may have all paid with their lives. He makes me sick, it's just that simple. I've enjoyed the last movie with his name on it. Love, QuellyQ

myclette on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
The dogs haven't been put down. They are in quarantine and the handler was employed for two years. I don't call having the same handler for two years negligence.  There is no evidence that those dogs were mistreated in any way nor is there any evidence they were used as guard dogs. They haven't even finished the investigation.  It is irresponsible to jump to conclusions.
premierejan on
Re: Myclette's Wiki Page
Check out the slide show on my blog.
I know you have a lot of friends and you would be great at making new friends on Yuwie.

It pays you to blog!!

I made it to the 10th level in 2 weeks!

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