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Name: Brian Klug
Claim to fame: MindSay Co-founder


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frankievjrjrjr on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
hey man


do you KNOW why you are contacting me?





718-390-6635 in the united states.

oakofzion on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page

Be my friend.

Love and peace,



jeepdiva on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hi Dustball

I'm Jeep Diva, new to Mindsay, and I'd like to get a Wikipage started. You were listed as a friend of Wiki pages, so I thought I'd send a message your way. Could you help me get started on my Wiki page? Or direct me someplace that can? There were no step-by-step instructions I could find. I'm confused on how to start.
Thanks, Jeep Diva
dustball on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Hi, welcome to mindsay.  Click the "edit" link on you wiki page and you can just start changing your own page. or, better yet, add a few friends on mindsay and ask them to edit the page =)
rajeran on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
hi whatz up im ranny from philippines im new here in mindsay, and i saw your page so i try to touch you,i jst wana know you much,if ok to you if is not its ok too, i hope you reply my message ok,thaks GOD Bless
LadyDaughtery on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
Brian, Thank you so much for helping me~!!!!!

 I have been blogging this adventure that I really did not want to be on, but am so very grateful to you, and all of mindsay. I have added a new 10 step entry or something like it, that might help someone else is the future. I am slowly recovering, but have no wiki columns on my friend's it permanently gone?

I am having to go to each person on my list, to ask them to add me again, because many did not realize, my blog was even gone in the first any rate...I am so devoted to mindsay, and can say, because I think I have had a blog on every site possible, that this is truly the best, the classiest, and the most fun. Doesn't get any better than that!!

Kudos to you and the crew!!

Lady Daughtery

dustball on
Re: Dustball's Wiki Page
your very welcome, thanks for the comments!

do you mean the wiki link under your picture?  seems to be working. let me know if not...

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